Help me with this Cancer man!!

  • Hi Sandran

    Thank u so much, I know deep down it wont work. Next time he rings me its GOODBYE FOREVER, even if it still hurts. I just feel sorry for his girlfriend (if he has one). Anyway I know what I have to do.

    Many thanks to you all.

  • I'm cancer too, the guys do seem different then the girls to me. I haven't hit it off with too many cancer guys, I tend to get along with leos and taurus guys. Whoever said he's watching you because he doesn't want too loose you, I agree, If it were me in a situation of ex with a serious ilness and moving on to persue who I was interested in, I would be torn because of the situation no matter how bad I wanted to get on with it, I would feel like I had to be there for the other person too, out of some loyalty, I think thats a cancer trait, and gets us in trouble sometimes, being caught between what seems like the right thing to do, and what would make us happy when it comes to relationships, then the pressure gives way(him staring at you and such) ends up making him look like an ass because of trying to keep emotions from getting in the way of what seems like the right thing to do. From what you described, it sounds like he might be stressed out about loosing you. I would look him in the eye and ask him point blank to be very honest with you, most taurus I know aren't the jealous type, but like to shoot straight and expect the same. Thats what I would express if thats the case.

  • I just realized after reading your situation, an after thought, that I know someone who is taurus, and they always seemed like they got mad at me for not persuing them when I told them my feelings, but I thought the exact same thing about them! Neither of us know to do this day how the other person feels for sure, and neither of us will speak up, I felt like they sort of forgot we were together after a temporary move put distance between us, and I never confronted it, what would be the taurus prespective on that?

  • I am a taurus and my baby is a Cancer and he does the exact same thing like ur Cancer man. He keep in touch, also for us strated as f..... thing. we are toghter for 7months. and getting closer. But I believe that he does not know what he truly wants and as Wenchie had advise me to give him some space to deal with his issues, the problem is he told me he dont want no space and contacts me everyday for the past 7 months. even now. He is very very cold, but he says he cares, he just dont show it. I like subtle public display of love holding hands ect. It could be freezing cold and this guy would have his hands in his pockets. cancer to me they send mix signals, one minute I get it the other I dont, wat the hell lol

  • Hi everyone

    Virgo cookie: I hope you are right about my cancer. I don't know how things are between us. Ever since 3 weeks ago when he started working alot more and I started preparing for my fitness competition our communication got a bit distant. I hope your cancer proposes. He sounds very sweet!

    He called me on Nov 13th, the day before my competition and told me he was flying a lot, when he wasn't busy he was exhausted. He asked me to send him pictures of my competition, and he was sweet to say that he only wanted pix of me, and not the other women. i sent him pix and an e-mail, and I didn't hear from him for a week, I sent him a text, no reply. I almost came on here last night and posted my worries: Is he just busy or is he being a typical cancer that people here discribe? Most people say not to text or contact him, let him contact you, but I was feeling very lonely, missing him so much so I wrote him a short e-mail, just said hi and asked him if he was flying a lot. I also asked him to e-mail me a bit more often because I missed him. he responded right away, apologizing that he was flying a lot, liked my pix and missed me too. So I am glad I communicated what I wanted. I just need to hear from him. It doesn't have to be all the time or anything intense. Maybe there's hope for this cancer.

  • virgocookie. I am new to this as well , but i have had great support and i have met some lovely honest people on here . I would like you to read my post " Have i lost my cancer b/f for good " I would like you r info please . thank you llindielooxx

  • Hi Luazinha, hi llindieloo, Your Cancer sounds just like my cancer, but what somebody had told me when I had put a copy of his email to me. she said he sounds emotional manipulative. To be hones t he is the only guy like yours as soon as I email him he would email right away. But I can help woory about what someelse on the board is telling me about him being emotionally manipulative. I dont know anymore so if he is stringing me along im going for the ride right now until I get something better then I will jump off his bandwagon , but for right now this guy cancer makes me feel real good about myself, something I havent felt for years. He did me wrong real wrong but I cant let go yet. I will but not now. good luck with your cancer he does sound sweet but so does mine, thats why when he disrespected me I just cant believe this sweet sweet person did this. keep in touch love.

  • Hello girls!!! I went to an Indian wedding and managed to just check in. It looks like I missed on some stuff. Good stuff for some.

    Right, Luazinha - told you so, didn't I. He will appreciate the thought. These cancer males love being important 😃 You sound a bit like me at the moment. I did the same thing last night. Missed my cancer so much so I sent him a short and sweet email. Maybe we should just get together and talk about them over bottles of wine. Haha. It's unfortunate you're in Brazil and I'm in Australia!!! For both our sakes I hope I'm right too about our cancer guys!!! =D


    Lindieloo!! How are you my sweetness. What's been happening with yoour cancer. Any news? I will definitely read your post and will revert back to you as soon as I've read it 😃

    Dorluv - Listen to what people say BUT most important listen to your heart. Sometimes I know and feel that everything will be ok... and then I'll read what people have written about cancer males and their examples and it makes me think twice. It's very normal. We just need to keep our heads and hearts firmly in check and in place.

    Our tactic - WE KEEP STRONG AND MAINTAIN ASSERTIVENESS!!! We will not show them we are weak. We are confident, held head high women... who can be sweet and adorable when they're good to us and when they least expect. That's what they want and need 😃

  • hope it wasen't my indian fella's wedding your were at . LOL

  • I was married to a Cancer for 28 years, he passed away. He was alot like your admirer, funny as in joking, passionate, I met him while he was married, didn't act like a married man should. Are you sure he is not married??? Believe me....they can fool the heck out of you.

  • Hi Everybody, I have been really busy with moving and a preparing and taking a big math test! I suck at math!!

    Moonbeauty- I would like to know if you could elaborate for me what you meant to my personal story, put my man in it and tell me more specifically, please. what you think he is doing.

    Tomorrow night, I have a big managment job at work and I will be working very closely with my cancer man, I have been tanning, I am going to be a knock-out and I'm doing it on purpose!! Last week, we text and saw eachother, nothing huge, but some weeks are stronger than others, and the week before he was like attached to my hip!

    I did say in a text last week that I cared for him, what do you all think he is thinking???

    I have a very big feeling that he cares for me, but is afraid of telling me for many reasons. Don't you all think that if he wasn't interested that he would be ignoring me, telling me not to text him anymore, not looking at me, and especially not sending me a text like the one I wrote about earlier??? I think he could have said that he will help me with anything to do with our jobs and that is clearly not what he said.

    he loves cheesecake, and I have made cheesecake for a couple of pitch-ins at work already. I made cheesecake last thursday, and he ate like 5-6 pieces than personally came by to thank me for the cheesecake! I just want to tell him that he would so be taken care of by me!

    after he came by to say this, he was up in his office the rest of the night, but I text him and he replied....

    this drives me so crazy!!

    bluecat123- This is exactly what is going on with me and this cancer man. I think that he is afraid of telling me his feelings b/c I am not after a relationship right now, and he is dealing with her. we work together, ect... he is in a constant state of fighting himself when it comes to me. I am not telling him how I feel b/c I am kinda scared now that he will run from me.... or something. he has made me feel so good, he is so good looking, but idk. I am a little worried about the possessiveness signs that he has shown and were not even a couple. I think that not telling your feelings to one another kinda made things fall apart with the move, but I'm sure that you both probably still think of the other. It may be worth it to get it out there with them and see what happens. what do you think?

    please respond!

  • wicked>>Don't you all think that if he wasn't interested that he would be ignoring me,

    Sandran>>This reminds me so much about a boy I had a crush on in school.Gawd this was 7th grade.This boy treated me terribly.Ripped my band jacket.I still have that band jacket as a momento.I cried and cried.Six years or so passed by(1984).I called him at home.He told me he picked on me because he liked me.And in 1985-86.I called him again.I lived long distance.His mom answered.I stirred up memories for her because she had told me he commited suicide when he came home on a break from college.I kept in touch with her for years.Then she since passed on now.

  • Wicked!!! Glad to hear from you. You must share that cheesecake recipe. I think I read somewhere that cncer men love food and it's the way through their heart, but I'm thinking isn't that for all men!!! It sounds like you're going to be rocking!!! Keep us posted. I want to know if his eyes falls out when he sees you. If you don't feel comfortable in telling him then don't. Listen to your instincts 😃

    Lindeloo - haha. that's funny, but it was an indian galfriend of man and she married a greek guy. And I'm definitely sure he wasn't a cancer man!!! Lucky for her.

    Is there any way at all to predict or know if my cancer guy will propose?.. It's driving me nuts!!!

  • It's just regular cheesecake. Another time that I took some in, I made him a special piece on the side with strawberries on top and put it in office when he was in a meeting....

    I have already had a night that I had a meeting with a manager other than him, then he had a meeting where he bought food and brought in for us, so I had 2 meetings back to back you see. When I was in the first meeting, he came in there to get something, and he had a look of "Damn!!" on his face! He also kept an eye on me the rest of the night, even after I had changed into my work clothes. I had several people come up to me and thought that I was already a manager, which is what I am working on becoming! Tomorrow, I am looking professional, but with a little more of a sexier top! I am pretty tan now, which I am doing on purpose because I am trying to get him to think about what he may be losing out on.....

    I carry myself with a lot of confidence at work, I always look the best I can, and he knows that I am in college and going somewhere in life which I believe are some reasons that he is attracted to me. When we went through that hard time, I never skipped a beat at work, acted all along that it did not phase me how he was acting, I did and do NOT need him! He will chase me, and that's how it is, I will not chase him or no other man. Even though I will admit I was crushed and was having a very hard time dealing with it on the inside. I did get drunk and got a very cute tatoo while I was going through that. I am a Taurus woman and will get through it without him knowing how I felt, which is another reason why I confronted him so many times that if he felt he made a mastake that life goes on for me. It drove him CRAZY!! which I loved 🙂

    But, I have it in my mind either way that this could go on for god knows how long, or maybe not go anywhere b/c that protects me from being let down. And how do I not know that some other man that does not act like this is going to come sweep me off my feet? The tatoo is on my left foot angled that says in beautiful letters "Believe" I have been through some rough times, and felt I was going through another with him, I have went back to school, landed an awsome job, left my abusive husband to restart my life, and I am doing great, this tatoo reminds me everyday to believe in myself always and what I am capable of!!

  • Lindiloo nice to see you here again. So you haven't heard from the cancer guy who got married? How about the other one who is going to visit at Christmas? I think I've been reading too many cancer stories, when my cancer "disappeared" I assumed he was "being a typical cancer". He was just busy.Poor guy is flying non-stop.

    Virgocookie, actually I'm not in Brazil. I used to live in Brazil, 14 years ago, as did my cancer until last year. I'm in the Mariana islands now, not too far from Australia, in fact I've been to Australia 6 times in the last 7 years, including last year-I went to Sydney. Where are you in Australia? That bottle of wine sounds great! Or I can go to your wedding if you have it in Australia!! My man is in Hong Kong, he flies mostly to China, Japan, Indonesia and sometimes the Philippines. He asked me if I can meet him in Manila next month! My male friends have been giving me all kinds of negative feedback, because most men (and pilots) that live around here go to Manila for cheap sex. If he did why would he ask me to meet him there? I can't see him as someone that would be into something sleazy like that.

  • Luanzinha! It's a date. Do let me know when you're planning a visit to the land down under. I am in Sydney or Sydvegas as we call it not far away from the airport. And YES! We can definitely have some vino's!!! Did I mention I was originally from Manila, Philippines I was borna dn living there till I was 10 years old 😃

    Yes, I would agree that people have a stereotypical view of Pilots!!! But at the end of the day... love is love. I have an uncle who's a pilot and he's very much in love with his wife and family. Each to their own. I really hope it works out with you and your cancer... then you can have cheap flights and come to Sydvegas anytime 😃

    Lindeloo - I'm starting to read your posts in the other forum... xox

    Wicked - You keep going girl! Power to you and I must say I do love the sound of that tat! Believing is having faith and having hope... that is all we can do, it's what keeps us alive and going without it, we would all be miserable and pessimists!

  • Sandran and Wicked - did you guys get an answer from the other forum? The any advice one. Mine was what I expected!...

  • Yes, I got a reply, and I am very excited about the promotion, and aren't most cancer men afraid of commitment??? I have fell in love with this site!

    I am about to spend some time with him, and I am dressed to kill, so I'll tease a lil bit....

  • Virgo-You're from Manila? Wow! I met my cancer there twice, once in July and in August. I really liked it there! Definitely a date next time I go to Sydney! that's another city I love! Unfortunately his airlines do not offer discounts on other airlines, he had to pay full fare to get here.

    I'm not worried about what other people say, these are sleazy guys who can't get a date anywhere that go to Manila to hook up with girls anyway. I think they are just jealous that i won't even consider goiing out with any of them.

    hope everything works out with your German cancer too!!

    Wicked moon-yeah, I hear most cancers are afraid of commitment but I know a few that are happily married.

  • More good news from my cancer tonight. he called and said that his airline is going to allow pilots to work for 3 weeks and take one week off every month or accumulate time off after flying back to back flights. I guess most of the pilots are from Australia and they have families there so they want more time to spend with the families. They can chose to have less hours off between flights and accumulate.That means he can come see me once a month or we can meet somewhere. I asked him if would be tired from having less time off between flights but he said he would do anything to see, I am so happy I was wrong about this guy. Reading so many terrible cancer stories got me all worked up!

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