Help me with this Cancer man!!

  • Well I have ignored him for two nights now at work. When I have seen him, I have not made direct eye-contact, or been by him. Tonight was so funny because when I was entered the breakroom, he was in there with another employee on the computer, when I was walking out, he turned around and saw me and watched me as I left. It is so funny, because there have been so many times that we just know when the other one is close or coming. I have sensed him about to come around and he is there litterally within seconds. I have been on the line and knew that he was coming and he came around the corner. I somewhat feel that he felt I was in there, and the look on his face was like "damn, there she is!" in a good way! He always has this look on his face that is pleasant when seeing me. I'm on this ignoring thing again, But I know that it will drive him nuts, I have a feeling that he is trying to provoke me into talking to him about it again. I feel that he is being shy. I never have seen him with any other girls, I have stopped by to maybe even "catch" him,and nope. I am not really "hoping" on anything because how these cancers are kinda scares me emotionally...

  • astrodame~~I'd rather you don't fall for him and keep your options open at the same time.

    Sandran712~~I agree astro.This guy might very well be a player.I did this kind of behavior myself.In my 20' my 40's I am pretty much more reserved.Alot more mature than that.And..definitely would never compromise a job for it either.He might be waiting until something else comes along.Isn't that like any guy??LOL.Cancer's are good providers.So this Cancer in question.I question his motives.

  • this man seems a bit odd to me, if you want to end the relationship, be firm and dont let him star****** that as it just pulls you in more, if you dont want to have a relationship with him, be firm with him and say no, if he forces the situation well thats wrong, i am not saying he doesnt like you he does, but he is confusing you and you have tried to tell him its over, be firm is all i can say, say NO, best of luck whatever you decide

  • Wicked>> I never have seen him with any other girls, I have stopped by to maybe even "catch" him,and nope.

    Sandran712>>You may not see him with a girl.Cancer is known to be private in the relationship department.We may get all emotional when we tell our problems to.But,keeping who we see is a secret to us.I think he is getting your attention is because he is bored.And, not serious at all.Typical man behavior.Nothing to do with a Cancer trait.I am curious tho on if he is a player.

  • Sandran712, can you elaborate? What do you mean by his motives? Also, I question because this has been going on between us for almost 8 months, you think he is bored?

  • wicked~you think he is bored?

    Sandran712>>not bored with you..But, he is probably bored with his life in general.His motives..What is he thinking? This is at a workplace.Risking a job...not really a Cancer behavior..Cancer is known to be hard workers.He doesn't sound mature.So he must be young.

  • He is 27. I have wondered the same thing about him risking his job, getting me pregnant, which risks his life, what does he feel then? It seems to be more serious for him by what others tell me, including my brother who is a cancer. He has also told me when i QUESTIONED why he started this with me, and he said he would not have if he wasn't serious. The only other thing that I can say is a little different with this cancer is he hates for me to be upset with him, and the first time that HE RAN, i told him real quick that I hate that and not to pull that shit again. He hasn't. When I text him for what ever reason, he always texts back and within a minute! what do you think?

  • lov>>I have always loved animals, cats and hamsters. THey should be allowed to get outdoors

    Sandran>>a friend of mine is like this .She is a Saggitarius.We get along ok.But, we are different sides of the coin.We do not think at all alike.But, since my brother is a Saggitarius I can relate a little.I am not really close to this brother.He is too secretive.Very Very private.Worse than a Cancer..LOL.I am closer to my Aquarius brother.

  • wenchie>>BTW Taurus and Cancer are pretty good combo

    Sandran712>>I wonder about this.My brother is a Taurus.We are not close.I agree tho that the 2 are supposed to be compatible.But, Taurus is the bull.And I wonder if that stands for bullchit..LOL

  • so how does a cancer man act when he is in love?

  • @wickedmoon --- They're THE BEST when in love with you :-)) They'd take care of you so well it's amazing...At the same time, very possessive, jealous and snappy...It helps if you two are friends first. Cancers are known for their high standards when it comes to choosing their well done IF they choose you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU for the agonies to come...LoL

  • astro>>Cancers are known for their high standards when it comes to choosing their partners

    Sandran>>Maybe that is why I have an A Hole radar system..LOL And probably why I have been so picky I still end up alone..I'm sorry I just can't settle myself down with a man whose been married more times than going to the Burger King drive up window..

  • @sandran712 --- I like what you just said...Its funny -- having an A Hole radar system...LoL

    Same here btw...I too am quite picky about my men and have NEVER even dreampt of going in for a married man...too much baggage for me to handle...Well, pisceans ARE loners often so am actually happy being left alone most of the me time to re-energise and uplift my sometimes sagged soul 🙂

  • astro>>Well, pisceans ARE loners often so am actually happy being left alone most of the times.

    Sandran>>I am like this..I am tired of being alone.But, not willing to jump into anything just to be with someone.I had a boyfriend that was a Pisces.When the guy is young they are immature.So I am not knocking the zodiac.But, Tho Pisces are a water sign like a Cancer.I never got along with a Pisces.He was controlling and head strong.He liked to stray.I really hoped something could have developed.But, he went in the army.He came back got married.Snuck over to see me without telling his wife.And shortly afterwards passed away.He was about 43 when he died.

  • @Sandran712 --- Ahh...yes you're right about us being controlling and head strong...BUT that happens ONLY when we're insecure about a person/situation. Most of the times we go with the flow and do just about anything (read self-sacrificing, being walked all over and getting exploited) to put up with the person we want/love. As far as a piscean guy being immature goes, I'd say EVERY man is immature when young...infact, most of them NEVER grow up in their entire life, LoL !!

    Labelling Piscean men as cheaters is as true as labelling Cancerians and Leos having Women all around them...LoL ! And Capricornians (read boxer Muhammad Ali) as male chauvinists...MEN WILL BE MEN AFTER ALL regardless of their signs :):):) And needless to say, they are ever ready for anything with a second woman !! Sad to hear about ur piscean guy passing away at 43...just can't help thinking about what's happening to his kids and wife...

    P.S.- In my opinion, Men as beings ARE wired to be controlling and dominating...but thx to the recent changed scenarios us Women have proved our metal too :):):)

  • astro>>kids and wife...

    Sandran>>Thankfully he died with no children.His wife moved on.But, I learned..When he snuck over to my house and his wife called and he lied about talking to me.I was very relieved for myself.Because that was the exact behavior that made me break up with him in the first place.

  • I understand all this crap about Cancer men. Last night, he was around alot, and we text a few times. I told him that I needed his help with some things about work, and he text me back saying" I am here to help you in any and all ways" so yeah, he wants me and that's why he keeps chasing me!!

  • there you go wickedmoon

    I did say I feel that he doe like you very much

    I don't have good experience with water sign males but since you are earth sign

    you are most likely more compatible with them

    plus who knows what planets he has on his brith chart and his family upbringing

    hope for the best!

  • Tonight I hung out in his office and we talked about work stuff and my schooling. He asked me how much longer I have, he also was on the phone talking to his boss, when his boss called, and asked for a few days off in Jan. one of them for his girlfriends birthday. this would make her a capricorn. Him a cancer, I wonder how the two are together, especially since he has been after me for so long. And you see the text he sent me last night. I feel he is with her especially since she just had brain surgery a few weeks ago,and maybe he is giving it another chance. But, he was with me sexually since he has been back with her. He has been watching me, and everything since he has been with her. Last night, he was watching me several times as I worked. So,tonight, I text him after I left work and once again said that I was not going to be asking for any sexual favors since he is with her. That I do care about him, but he is with her and I know that. It make me the bigger person, but maybe it will make him decide what he wants and that I am more or less freeing myself from wanting him. I just don't know if he will take that very easy b/c he tends to chase me more when I let him go, I have 5 times now. But, I feel that if anything is going to happen between us that it will pan out. Tonight he seemed very interested in "getting to know me" and I do think we need to get to know eachother better. But,I do not feel that he is really in love with her anymore.

  • wicked>>so how does a cancer man act when he is in love?

    Sandran>>I am not really sure.But, I assume they will suffocate you..Kinda like leaving the cards,letters and flowers,calling all hours might get a little annoying for me.But, I am thinking they won't leave you alone..LOL

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