What is Feng Shui about?

  • I have no idea what is Feng Shui, could anyone explain it to me?

    I have never heard of it so this is my first time asking about it.

    I love learning new things!

    Thank you!

  • My opinion by be different from others. I think its when you place items in a particular way around your house to level out the energies. You have different areas in your home, for example, love, luck, job, friends, ect. If you are having difficulty in an area you may need to remedy this by moving things around a little. Theres alot of books and stuff out there explaingin how to do this. My technique is to go with my gut. Another belief is to keep out the clutter and keep things very organized to keep the energy in your home running smoothly. This supposedly will create harmony in your life. Living in a disheveled mess feels icky. By cleaning it an rearranging a few items it can activate ceratin aspects of your well being and just make you feel better all the way around. Hope this helps....( :

  • awesome, im learning so many things here. thank u very much lovingmylife 😄

  • Me too I love this forum and most poeple on here are so sweet and fun to talk to. Being a mom at home mostly I dont get the opportunity to talk to so many enlightened people. I sit on here for hours sometimes. Its so wonderful. ( :

  • I know 😄

    I feel like we're like a huge family or circle of friends

    It's so fun when you meet new people just like you. Many don't believe on this things and it's so great to find people who do. Makes me feel welcome and at home. Sweet and compassionate souls.

    Blessings and love!

  • Its an asian philosophy based upon an energy known as 'chi'. Chi refers to positive life force and they believe that clutter must be cleared to allow chi to flow into and through your home to maximize positive energy. They also believe there must be a balance of yin (female energy) and yang (male energy). Certain colors and elements are placed in the appropriate directional areas of the home, ie North, South, East, West, NE, SE... etc.

  • Well if that's the case my chi is in overwhelm 🙂 as my house is cluttered. I'm an avid reader so I have 12 bookcases to start w/ piles of books and assorted whatnot on the floor and boxes full of stuff in my office, My eyes aren't so good so I tend to leave things out where I can find them. All my crafts stuff on my kitchen table etc.

    I've been wanting to look more into this tho to attract wealth and positive energy.


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