Can anyone tell me???

  • Ok i believe in reincarnation and it just gets me excited when i think about i was in my other life.

    So does anybody know how to figure it out?

    Or could anyone (a psychic) here be able to tell me?

    I know it sounds imposible but i believe, lol.

    Im just a very curious person 😄

  • The image that I got was that of a Native American girl with a limp from an injury or problem with the right leg.

  • you can get past life reading

    lots of websites online if you google it

    you might have experienced blasts from the past

    if you are in tune to your psyche, you will know when this happens

    and you will also know, which of the past lfie readers online, can give the insights to you

    I read that you can do this yourself but I don't know how far you have gone spiritual wise

    and what specific degree of psychic ability you need to have, to do this accurately

    everyone has psychic ability, but different degree to each person, some are strong in empaths, some are strong in paranormal abilities, etc.

  • This post is deleted!

  • These are always tough to say. I get a sense of caring for others. You might have been a nurse in your past life. I feel you have the qualities of healing and empathy as well. You enjoy seeing things prosper and grow. Also seeing plants thrive and flourish as well. So you might have once lived off of the land as well as have been some kind of cultivator. I also think these traits may have passed on from the last plane or life to this. The name abby comes to mind. A blonde girl with curls light bluish green eyes very bubbly. You get along with most people but I also think you may be gaurded more in this life. The girl abby might have been taken away by horse. Are you attached to a certain doll? An injury may have occured to the neck, which may explain some pain if you have any.

  • Wow this is so awesome! Thank you so much verybody

    Manifestdreams -

    A Native American girl? awesome! I never thought about it. 😄

  • Soapmaker

    Hello, so you say you can see it when you look at someones face or picture?

    So is there a way i could show you one of my picture? That's if you are allowed to, if

    you have the time and of course if you want to.

    It's ok if you can't.


    Thank you very much! wow a blonde girl with curls and light bluish green eyes. I am definitely not like that these days, lol. I actually have brown hair and eyes but light skin. 😄

  • Serious7

    it is true that i am more guarded in this life towards ppl. Could you tell me why is that? i have big social issues. I just can't seem to make that many friends or trust anybody.

  • Well from what I saw the girl was carried off by horse in a village somewhere. So that and things that may have happend in this life could be a big cause. You probaly push people away very easily. Its just a mechanism that youve built in. You can break that and overcome it. Easiest way to do that is just come out of your shell. I know easier said than done but try random things. It helps.

    Ok this might sound wierd but I think you may have been adopted. Now from what I see the man who carried you off was of indian origin and you became part of the tribe. Hmm interesting. For some reason this life of yours seems to jump out at me. Listen to your dreams, they give good answers 🙂

  • Serious 7

    Thank you so much!

    That is true. I tend to push people way very easily. I just can't seem to stop myself but I will definitely try breaking this mechanism. I will overcome it! 😄

    Adopted? Wow! From what I just read that past life was very hard. The man of Indian origin probably took me after his tribe killed my parents and perhaps other villagers after an attack to the village. I just can't stop wandering what happened. You're right! My dreams do give me good answers, will try understanding them. Thanks a lot 😄

  • Serious 7

    Sorry for asking so many questions but this just caught my attention.

    What do you mean that I have the qualities of healing and empathy?

    I just read a topic talking about it and i thought about your post. Are you talking about my past life or this one?

  • This one, as people have often said, quialities from past lives tend to pass on with us. Whether it be good or bad.

  • that's news to me, i didn't know and im not sure how to act upon it. Well thanks a lot


  • Its not easy but go with your instincts :), god bless

  • is that why I have a talent with jewellerymaking and artwork I wonder, I have an affinity with animals too, but as I have a great deal of interest in celtic, ancient egyptian, and native american things, and read very widely on these things, would not that compromise any regression I went through, I mean I have a great interest in both Navaho, and Apache tribes, though someone thought when my hair was dark, that I was part Cherokee, that was strange as I've never even been to America, Dad is dublin Irish and Mum was a Londoner whose Dad was of irish, and mum was of welsh extraction, so I am celt it was I felt, though an honour to have been mistaken so , but I must admit I wished I knew where my spirit had been before here and now

    blessed be walk in beauty

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