Need help

  • need sme help ... i just read something for my friends .. and i kind of need a second opinion

  • You are going to have to give a little more info. what was the reading about?

  • hey ... i just had a 3 card reading for my friends ... basically a simple 3 card reading relating to this one guy friend of mine for a gal pal ... and the cards that came were :

    lovers, death and emperor [reversed]

    the reading is FOR him ... he asked about her ... wats ur opinion?

  • I think it means they have a connection maybe more physical than emotional. He is willing to give more of himself than she. He is willing to change his life to be with her and in turn lose all his power. He should tread carefully and establish healthy boundries and try not to get caught up in the physical aspect as it may blind sight him to what she truly has to offer him in the relationship.

  • and what about this one :


    strength, moon and the emperor

    again, a guy-girl reading .. they are just friends ..

  • for the same .... another reading read : strength [NOT REVERSED], lovers [reversed] and the star [ reversed]

    getting confused

  • having you been asking your cards the same question over and over? they can get a little wonky when you do that. also usually when all three come out reversed i either put them back, or turn em over depending on my first reaction. what book are u using?

  • yeah ... i put them back .... thats why .... the second post ...

    strength [NOT REVERSED], lovers [reversed] and the star [ reversed]

    what do u think about this one?

    the first tym i asked the cards ... all came reversed .... thats why am a little confused

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