Can hanswolfgang please give me a reading

  • dear hanswolfgang, my name is joebull, and i would like to know if you can give me a reading on how my relationship, moving, and health situation is going to be. i've been struggling for a while for some time and hope that you can give me some advice on what i should do, and how things will be soon . my dob is 4/20/81, and myboyfriend of 7 years dob is 4/13/80. thank you if you can hans, i' m deeply greatfull, joebull1

  • dear joebull,

    your relationship is going to be embedded in a bigger community.

    Your moving will be towards an exchange from heart to heart.

    Your health situation will be very good. And if something should be not so good, know, that this is meant to lead you on your path.

    You have lost your equilibrium. You should be more in balance. Care for accordance and harmony.

    Soon you will get a gift from existence, if you are poised enough.

  • dear hans, thank you for getting back to me, but i have to ask you do you see me getting well health wise, because i've been suffering from aniexty disorder for almost 2 years, and it's driving me crazy. it's gotten better,but i'm not taking any medications,because it makes it worse so i'm tring a natural healing process. i also would like to know if you see me in a new relationship with someone else,or still with my boyfriend. and one more thing hans do you see me getting my life and being succesful in the future? thank you hans i'm deeply greatful... joe bull.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    My name is bhanu and my dob is 08271980 and time is 11:45pm IST. Can you please give me a reading?

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