Dream interpretation.. Lets post our dreams....

  • I think we should share our dreams and experiences of dreaming/nightmares here...

    here is mine..any suggesstions/feedback welcome thanks.....

    I have dreamed twice of being in a car crash, i escaped the first one, my friend drove it into a body of water on purpose and i saved us both by undoing ourseatbelts. the second dream was another one of my friends driving, she was speeding and showing off and it crashed but me and the other passenger ran away because we were embarassed about people seeing us trying to look cool. No one was hurt but in the same dream I was in the shower room at a gym ( i dont use the gym) and these women were asking me to help them find someone and I was naked and it was quite creepy, I also had 3 nippes and then went to look for my friend at her house, and I had to open lots of doors to get to a room she wasnt in then i had to do the same to come back out, then I woke up because she called me.. also i don't drive.

    Any ideas what this may mean please? Thankyou


  • Hello everyone i am new to this just joined today. I would like to tell you about the dream i had Sunday night. On my left I could see a big window with a tree in the background to my right was another window with a ledge and on that ledge was a man dressed in a white tee shirt and black pants with black hair. He had his arm reaching through the window to turn the handle to come in the wndow the window appeared to have no panes then i woke up frightened. Can anyone tell me what this might mean? I usually don't have dreams but when i do i actually wake up feeling like i have been there. Thank you.

  • Kezza I have heard before that vehicles in dreams represents your life. Who is behind the wheel? If it isnt you you are giving up to much control over your life to another. It sounds like you need to take more control over your life so you dont crash. Going through different rooms represents your subconscious. You were searching through your mind for a "friend". You have a friend inside of you that you need to find. I would think nipples are meant to be nurturing. So I think its telling you to be a good friend to yourself, nurture this aspect in you. Are you kinda hard on your self and letting other people take over because you dont trust yourself enough? That is the feeling I am getting. Take your life back and nurture the spirit inside of you that is wanting to be your friend. ( :

  • thanks loveinmylife. that soun ds about right 🙂

  • kezza I am glad I could help. Whereto, I think 2 windows may represent the windows to your soul, your eyes so to speak. A man trying to come in huh? Maybe there is a man that is wanting to be with you and you are afraid of letting him in? Do you know anyone that looks like that? DO you know a man that wears clothes like that? Sounds like a waiters uniform. Maybe you should scope out a new place to eat and meet a kind waiter.

  • Thank you loveinmylife but i don't know anyone like that and i don't eat out that much. Maybe i will meet or see someone who will remind me of this dream as long as i'm not frightened by it. Thank you for your help.

  • I had a dream last night that I had to get my left eye cut out because it was sick. I remember it worked fine but the doctors thought it to be diseased or cancerous somehow. Does anyone know what this means? It really scared me.

  • I had this dream a while back...

    I was at a very modern and futuristic looking school, where you would ride in cars that were on tracks to your classes, also the students were the ones that were in charge of the school, and how it was run (academically and social). In the dream I was walking around trying to find my next class, and I would try to ask some peaple, but they would just keep on walking as if I wasn't there...the dream then shifted to the outside of the school, which turned out to be on a crescent shape island in the middle of the ocean and we (the students) would take a boat to other islands to get home, but in the dream it was starting to get very stormy and the last boat never came. From behind one of the statues that was on the island, a guy came out and was talking to me like he knew me...apparantly in the dream I could here everything he was saying and I was agreeing with he was saying...but while I was dreaming this in my mind I was wondering what he was saying and what i was agreeing with....

    thats it...

  • I personally havn't had any significant dream's lately, but a friend of mine who is a psychic had a dream about me and I was standing in a Library and she said that there was all kind's of fowl (animal's) all over the library and I was trying to desperately get ahold of my friend (the one who is having the dream) she said that I was getting on the computer trying to get her number or something off of it and she said it was like she was right there in the library she said "M" I'm right here I can here you, what do you need? And she said she repeated this once again and It was like I couldn't here her and right before the dream ended she said I said "Don't take the mark of the beast" What is up with that??? She was telling me that she had been invited to help do some cases with some friend's of her's which are demonalogist, because they said they were getting so old and couldn't handle all the cases by their selves? Hopefully someone will be able to make sense out of all my jiberish!

  • I had a dream a while ago that I'm still trying to figure out. It seems prophetic.

    In this dream, I was living in an apartment complex and there was a fire. I left my apartment for a moment and in the halls was a riot of people running scared.

    I went back in and got all my guns (irl I don't own a gun) and put them in a box to take with me and hide. Not because they were illegal and I was afraid of the authorities, but because I was worried stupid people would take them and use them against others.

    I took my box and hurried through the halls until I came to a door. I went through to an adjacent building that was deserted, and had been for a while. There was a thick layer of dust covering everything. There was still smoke in the air, but it was calm, the fire hadn't reached that building. I was safe there. I hid my box of guns and as I was walking down some stairs, I noticed three names written in the dust on the rail, as though written with a finger. I can't for the life of me remember what the names were.

    In the next 'scene', I found myself being carried up into the sky on a column of smoke from the fire. Other columns were also rising up to a single angry black cloud with a bright light coming from within.

    A voice spoke to me:

    Three blended souls.

    Three seeds for planting:

    Faith and Commitment

    Honesty and Courage

    Loyalty and Honor

    Three Choices to make.

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