Rider-Waite Tarot Cards

  • Hi everyone!!

    I recently purchsed a set of Rider-Waite tarot cards and have been playing with them to get a feel for them and to try and understand the meanings. Is there anything anyone can offer in regards to types of readings, what works best for each of you etc.

    I have studied and trained in reiki and hoping to open myself up more to my intuitive side. I have been told before my psychics and reiki therapists that I have much wisdom in me and have a very spiritual side. I'm a Pisces and starting to meditate as well. I have been reading books on meditation and anything relevant to assisting me to open myself up further.

    would love to hear from anyone who could offer some info and insight

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  • I have Scared Path cards and they are my favorite. That's what a friend of mine used and I really loved the pictures. The are Native American. I don't read them but I was told that I could use them as a tool once I got used to what they meant to me. But I really came on to tell you thank you that Vicki went home from the hospital this evening. All of her tests showed no heart attack. And the doctors thought it might be because she got to the hospital like 3 min.s from her home. Quick response at the hospital getting meds started could have prevented damage. Well she also does Reiki and with all the help I could muster up and us all working for the greater good probably didn't hurt. So I wanted to thank you for your assistance. I got my aventurine out and used them with my energy to help. Since aventurine is for heart attacks I opened my big bag and grabbed two. Thank you for your help again. Would return the favor when needed.

  • Hey LL

    No worries on the reiki for your frien. Glad I could help her out. It's nice to know that our abilities can help others when they aren't strong enough themselves.

    Glad to hear sheis home and on the road to recovery.

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