What sign

  • What sign would be good for me I am a pisces 2/28/62 And please tell me what signs to stay away from.

    Thank You

  • Hi hon

    u need to know this,. in end it aint his sign that determines a good healthy realtionship but his personality. thats what u live with not his sign per se but him as person

  • 228, a person signs does help sometimes. It's not the main issue. I am an Aqua so therefore I cannot answer ur question. Check and see who falls in your realm. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all in the same realm. So check it out.

  • I would say it could be any sign because each person personality might be shaped by planets that show up in their birth chart and upbringing or other kinds of outer influence. You can probably start from regular astrology description. but if you find someone you like and know his brith information, you can get detailed birth chart to get more details, the rest you will find out in time as you communicate with him.

  • Thank You

  • Thank You

  • First decan piscean, eh! Try gelling along with the other two water signs and Taurus, Capricorn in earth signs...Virgo may be interesting to deal with too since it happens to be exact opposite of your own sign (I as a piscean don't get along very well with them as they try to dominate me within the relationships). Stay away from fire signs as and when you could help it.

    P.S.- All said and done, I personally wouln't judge anyone merely on the basis of their zodiac!! Many other planets are significant too when dealing with astrology...For instance I may gel very well with an aries/sag/leo and even the air signs provided they have certain placements in their natal charts... TC

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