Old Friend - New Distraction Help

  • Wow. you could be me. I've had a very similar experience. I believe that when someone pops in your head like that, they are either thinking of you or something big has happened in their life. Maybe they have been married, divorced, injured...I even had a dream about my ex the night he died and couldn't stop thinking of him for a whole week before finally contacting a family member who told me about his death. That last experience has made me a firm believer that we are all connected and our souls do communicate with each other, even if we are not in contact anymore. I would never call myself psychic by any means so take this with a grain of salt but my gut feeling after reading what you wrote is that for whatever reason, your friend is thinking of you a lot. I also think that he did love you because of the fact that he cared enough to call you before he got married. Someone who didn't really care would not go through the effort to explain things. Maybe he is thinking of you now as the one who got away? Or, maybe he just misses you? Sounds like you and the person you are currently with have a pretty strong connection too! I definitely understand that desire to contact an old flame or good friend. There are a few people from my past who I would love to reconnect with but it would be opening a can of worms as they are married or have moved on. Sometimes, it is best to leave those memories as memories. Well, that is my gut reaction anyway. I'll be interested to see what others have to say too.

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