Compatibility with Aquarius Man

  • Hi, I am a female with Sun Sign Aries (but more Pisces-Aries cusp), rising sign Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Pisces, Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio.

    I am very interested in a man whose Sun sign is Aquarius, Venus is Pisces and Mars is Pisces.

    I feel some type of connection with him, and just wanted to know what astrological wisdom says about our compatibility. Thanks.

  • Hi Sushmi

    I am a Pisces dating an Aquarian man. We have been dating for three years. He is very loving, kind and sincere. We get on very well most of the time. We seem to be connected mind, body and soul. However, he can be very hurtful with his words when he becomes frustrated with a situation that he cannot control. He will take his frustration out on me by being verbally abusive or picking at anything to have an arguement with me. When he is in this mood he will not take responsibility for any wrongs he may have commit and will pass blame to anyone other than himself. He will not communicate with me for a few days but will gradually take his time and talk back to me. He will be verbally abusive over the phone but never face to face. He does not like physical confrontation. On a whole Aquarians are decent people but sometimes don't know how to express themselves properly when stressed. They are always thinking ahead into the future instead of sometimes dealing with the here and now. They are also great providers for their families. Hope this will help with your query.

  • I am married to an aquarian man and your description is so like my fella!!! He can be very hurtful with words (even face to face) but will apologise when all is off his chest and expects every thing to be hunky dory again, which I find hard to accept or be 'fine' again that quickly!!, I'm a Libran

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