I dreamt about hands!

  • Lastnight I dreamt about hands waving in my face. On the way to work this morning my almost 3 year old daughter told me there were hands in her room lastnight on her bookcase. I told her it was just a dream. And she told me to throw the hands in the garbage..Kids the things they say! So I logged on to tarot.com and I read today's card "The Magician" and said something about "Hands on Magic". Crazy right? Does anyone have any insight on this dream? And why my daughter would have the same dream as me?

  • Hi MsScorp,

    Your dream sounds very interesting and body parts in dreams have definite meanings. There are two Web sites I like to visit in regard to dream interpretations. The first is www.experiencefestival.com and the second is www.mythsdreamssymbols.com. According to experiencefestival, if hands in a dream are open it means something you're afraid of is actually nothing to fear. There are several meanings of hands, but each one depends on the gesture of the hand. In my opinion, since it was waving in your face, I would imagine something is asking for your attention.

    I think we are all tied to our children and therefore the fact you dreamt about the same thing further signifies the connection you have with your daughter. Personally, I am sometimes hesitant to meditate if I'm in a negative place emotionally because I believe what I invite into my meditation also is the energy I invite into my home, thus disturbing the sleep of my son. On one particular night I ended my mediation on a sour note and, sure enough, my son woke up in the middle of the night in hysterics. It's all tied together. Maybe, the hands in your dream was using your daughter as another avenue to grab your attention. Whatever it is, look deep inside yourself to find out what needs your attention that might be getting ignored.

    I hope this helps!


  • Thank you Valerie, I will definetly check out the websites. The hands were waving over me like it was some type of ritual.

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