I'm New but interested in Feng Shui

  • i have been studing lightly this subject for a number of years,i would love to undersatnd it.i'm new here,and i will be reading this forum.



  • I've been following Feng Shui for many years and like astrology it can be very confusing for beginners. Applying Feng Shui principals can seem like a big crap shoot until you see the practical application of organizing a space in action. I have used Feng Shui successfully at home and at the office, and once you have a basic idea of how Feng Shui works you can apply it immediately in your environment for immediate results.

    The book that really started me off was, "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" by Karen Rauch Carter. It is very basic and practical in its approach and is a great place to start in my opinion. It establishes the basic organization and colors and explains how one can organize any basic space.

    Just like astrology there are various levels of information that can be explored as well as many different styles and approaches in Feng Shui. Once you understand the basic approach, the more complex methods fall into place. This is where an experienced practitioner is most helpful as they can point out the more esoteric applications and solutions that are not as obvious.

  • There are different schools of Feng Shui and so many sites out there promoting their school or products. When I first discovered Feng Shui I started reading books by Karen Kingston and Kathryn Terrah Collins. Basic information. Then I was fortunate to have studied under two masters and then I became a consultant. I find that using my own intuition and using things that make sense to me. If you don't believe in Buddah but you are say Catholic, then use images from your faith to provide that strength needed in that area. It just takes time.....when I first started out I just did what I could with what I have. There are many posts on here with people encouraging space clearing first which is great because that is the most important before doing anything else. Also note that your home will change as you change so I wouldn't get hung up on having everything perfect because when you grow, your space grows.

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