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  • Hello everyone!

    I apologize for making my introduction like this; however, I have a bit of a problem that I need some help with.

    I did a reading for myself and I’m not sure what to make of the spread, unfortunately I have no one else around to ask, so I’m wondering if someone here would be kind enough to lend me there interpretation of the cards.

    I was asking about the possibility of the return of a lost love. It’s been years, however they have been on my mind allot lately. I have had local "professional" readings done, however I sincerely doubt there authenticity; so I did the reading for myself.

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide.

    Its a 10 card spread, All the cards are orientated up

    1 Page of Swords

    2 V of Swords

    3 The Lovers

    4 IV of Pentacles

    5 The Emperor

    6 VII of Cups

    7 Temperance

    8 The World

    9 The Hermit

    10 II of Wands

    thank you

  • anyone?

  • What layout is this? celtic cross?

    If so, my interpretation is you've found yourself in a very mentally-exhausting situation. You've had to make choices that don't necessarily agree with others. Maybe you've taken the "lone wolf" route. Whatever it is, you've only just begun and are at the start to mastering the skill of mental-force. But you see great potential in whats ahead of you. I don't necessarily see a love relationship represented by The Lovers. I see a union of philosophies. However, it definitely could represent a romantic relationship. And if so, you see a glorious future with this person.

    As the 5 of swords representy a sort of smug attitude, the man who walks away with all his swords grins slyly at the town he's left in the dust. It seems you have been taught by nature to certainly cling to whats yours. Wether it be your belongings, your relationships, your attitudes - you are stubborn about not letting them go. Recently, a force has come into your life that initiated some extreme discipline and structure. Possibly, you've really buckled down into your ideas to at last make something out of them. Thus we have the 7 of cups, you are ready to slip into the next stage : What kind of options are ahead of you now? You really want your ideas to flower into something beautiful - the question is, can they? Once again, I'll point out the placement of the Lovers card - you firmly believe your decisions will prove to fulfill you. It will fill the empty space in your heart. Maybe thats why you are so firm about them.

    Now, according to a traditional Celtic Cross layout, the Temperance card defines who you are as a person. You are good at making use of idle time. You can twiddle your thumbs mindfully, if that makes sense. You know when patience and optimism is needed, and you make sure to use that time doing so wisely to attend to other matters. You know how to get very far using this tactic. Its almost as if, someone will look down and never expect you to have gone that far in such a short amount of time and you didnt even make a fuss.

    In my readings, the placement of the World would typically represent how you affect those around you and in turn how you affect them. Right now you find yourself in an incredibly elevating environment. You are recieving what you need from those around you, and you're doing the same for them. Its as if you were called to be here. You are in the right place at the right time. In very good company. Don't leave. You were made to be here, for the rest of your life now lies ahead of you!

    The Hermit represents how you are feeling right now. You were right to trust yourself. You clung to your beliefs for good reason. The Hermit carries none other than his own light to guide others, and it is because he knows he can always trust the light within himself. You need no one else. Medidate and listen to your where your heart casts its light. It will show you your next step. You are blessed right now to own such logical intuition.

    Whats next ahead of you is much like the 7 of cups. Explore your options. You have the whole world in your hands. Literally. The World is literally in your cards. You can do anything you set your mind to right now. Most importantly, because you know how to set your heart to it also.

  • Thank you Dafphodil!

    I really appreciate your input on this, I am truly grateful for your incite.

    I read this last night before I went to bed, a few times throughout the day and I just re-read it. I’m trying to interpret the meaning, how it applies to me, and how it answers my question; it’s frightening how spot on the description of me is.

    What I’ve taken so far, is that I need to follow my gut instinct no matter what, but I’m not sure what direction my instinct is pulling me atm. As far as an answer to my original question; would I be wrong to take it that she’ll be back because my intuition says she will?

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