What's the Story on These Scorpio Men? Thoughts? Experiences?

  • I'm a Sag. I recently became involved with a Scorpio.. I've never dated one before. Can anyone give me some insight? I've read some things about them and I wanna know if its the truth... The Cancer forum helped me in the past. Everything was right on point.

    I'd love to hear about your experiences with these guys... Especially if you're a Sag girl. 🙂


  • there is quite a few threads about them too in the forum if you browse you'll find a few easily

    I wrote as much as I could there as much as I know

  • I am a sag! I always fall for the scorpio! so brooding, powerful and s e xy! but they are way to possesive!

  • The can be shady and jealous..a little insecure perhaps but if you give them what they need, respect, loyalty and admiration...(not too much) and leave a little to the imagaination..then they are sure to be content. They can also dislke Brash change and love routine and orderliness in their lives. Great matches are pisces and cancer. You have to be tolerant to put up with a scorpio, they Like to be in control and nearly almost always will get revenge on you if you hurt them, they give as good as they get, so it's best to stay on their good side, as they can have a real nasty sting in their tales. They are generous, kind, and very funny, I love scorpios, but they can become resentful if you don't make them feel like you truly love them. good luck 🙂

  • they rule SEX aswell, so make sure you don't mind being adventurous and loving in the besroom department as they are fll of passion and desire

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  • totaly right about the leaving a little mystery! tyhis can be hard for a sag sometimes...

  • Sag. is so kind and forgivingand notices this in others fom my experence. I always like them.

    Hereis the rub. Scopio men are generally not forgiving I believe they come in come in two types both sexy. Highly spiritual or almost sadistic as they can kill you as well as themselves with that tail.

    Very silently controlling and obsessive about some matters.

    I believe I never heard a voice of vengeance as loud as my sister's friend a female Scorpio whom I like very much but this may be do to knowing her since I was a child.

    It was so loud and angry I thought my brothers could be outrageous but this was one for the books, will never forget and in my mother's house, (out of control).

    They made up but they were not lovers ever.

    I recent;y dated a male Scorp. I also take into account he was a pig in Chinese astrology and the baby in his family order. Not good for a middle child who has shared everything already, so ask about this too.

    He was a very fat in the middle twice my weight, not normal for Scorpio usually lean especially for their partner.

    We had our second date sleepover planned way in advance for 2 nights

    Every thing went very well, however he had a hidden agenda to make it 1 night, which I was tuned into but content to stay loose about my own intuitive feelings.

    He was a dark horse type of Scopio. A total baby and very rude when it all ended over me taking too long to take off the make-up he enjoyed me wearing. I do not know what that was about. He wanted me to snuggle. I had to do my nightly rituals so I would look like a human with normal breath.

    He went cold as if I were a dog who did not come to bed on time, so he actually said at 2AM either leave or come to bed . This was not about *** we already had that twice.

    Not into my pleasure at all. A taker and wanted me to pick up dinner out that night.(second date)

    I said no ! This is not your birthday . If you would like I will come here the evening of your birthday and take you out , he lives 3 hours away. I gave him a beautiful cake that I planned for a month. he would not even cut into it.

    The next morning. (I do not drive 3 hours at 2 AM, angry no matter what.)

    He gets up the next morning and says, You should go". "We are not compatible ", well you could have taken a baseball bat and thrown me across the room. Please be careful and guard your soul. They are the most lethal of all the zodiac signs. Try to get all the other info as well , birth year, family order and his birth time if you can, this will give you great insight into how to reverse their poison. I know the*** is great but at what price ?

  • wow! valentina! what an A hole! I am so sorry that happened to you.

  • Thanks for the insight ladies.

    Valentina- Wow I cant believe someone would do that... Thats horrible!! Sorry that happened.. Have you heard from him since or did you forget about him?

    KarmaComa- I really like the fact that you're a Sag and you date Scorpio Men.. So Both times This scorpio and I have seen each other I have been showing my wild rockstar sag side. Haha. He seems to like it for some reason... I think he has that rockstarness to him. I kinda like that for a change because thats who I am.. I dont like having to be on my best behavior. I just dated a Cancer who couldn't handle me. .. it was an absolute disaster, but I am not going to change..

    I have not slept with this guy yet.. We came close one night.. but it didnt happen. I barely know the guy. I want to get to know him more. One weird thing I've noticed is whenever he asks me to go out with him, I always have something else going on. When I tell him that, he seems to cut off the conversation.. Like he's mad or something. Its not that I dont want to hang out, I'm just not going to drop my plans in order to do so... I don't do that.

    I'm trying to be careful here.. Ive made too many mistakes in the past. I really appreciate all of your stories and experiences, Please continue sharing... It helps.

  • Hi cstar777 ...I am a Scorpio...and thru out my life I have had three relationships that left memories...the Second one was a with a Scorpio Man... I will tell you all that I can about the character...In my experience a Scorpio man is very honorable and Needs a LOYAL mate, they need to know that there are No rivals for your true affection before they will really open up to you, and give you their heart...Now I know this is going to sound contradictorary but... I should have added, they want No Rivals..Once they have gained Your Heart,..some men need a lil competition, they need to feel that you are someone that others Desire.. (but that THEY WIN)..as if they have gained a prize... I believe this very true of Scorpio Men & (Aries).. they Love to feel that they have Won...Won you over, any and everyone else!!... Scorpios Love to Conquer...but at the very least do not give him suspect to believe that you are Sleeping with anyone else... interested in someone else, maybe or that someone else is interested in you (and this is only in the begining of the relationship) because once they have decided that you are Theirs.. they demand loyalty .... They truly want to be the Knight in Shining Armour...they are PROTECTIVE to a fault, once they have Conquered and or Saved you...and decided that you are theirs, there is No One that will be Safe from their Wrath if that person offends you...because they will Defend you to the End...Scorpio Men for the most part have a Hard appearing Exterior, and they will not allow just anyone in.. and I believe this is because..they are (we are) truly tender & loving...& EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, and this very same sensitivity is the reason they appear so hard & reserved (some of them) but especially if they have already been hurt..they will give you a little leeway maybe a lot.. if they really like you, but they will watch you carefully before making a decision to give you their heart.... I think some people (all the Sags I know) will openly offer friendship and trust... but for the most part (myself included).. Scorpios will keep you at a distance, oh they will be friendly enough...but until you have Earned the trust ..it is Not given at a whim...and this is just another measure of protection...Our Truly Tender heart needs protection, and Scorpios are very SELF PROTECTED.. .Once they decide that you are worthy and by worthy, I mean... that you are Not someone that will take advantage of their Unending Devotion, Because Scorpio will Give of themselves very unselfishly,..there is Nothing a Scorpio wont Do for You.(At All)...Once decided that you are someone they can trust with their true personality.. which they don't show to everyone...They will make you a Dear Friend for life...and now for the Rough part.. I have heard it said that Scorpios will sting and are very vengeful...( I have to say the first time I picked up an Astrology book and read the characteristics of a Scorpio I fell off my bed laughing) I couldn't believe the accuracy..Once decided a person is someone that I can trust the giving of Myself is unending, truly.....and when that person betrays me (and when I was younger the betrayal could have even been slight) (remember our Sensitivity)...The anger that boils inside is almost undescribable.. I don't think I can fully explain it..but I'll try...now this may be true for everyone, but I believe even more so for Scorpios.... It's like I truly will give the shirt off my back...I will go without, to ensure that you are not in need..I am almost childlike in my need to please and will make certain that a loved one has anything I have to give, but when that same individual, turns around and hurts me..Its like a punch in the face..and I think for Scorpios that punch, Must be Punched Back...750 Degree White Heat arises.. and now that person.. must know that they are to NEVER cross that line again and for the most part they wont be given the opportunity, once they have been taught a lesson... but in reality,..what it is..Is the Scorpio has been Hurt, Severely..and you Will Be punished for Hurting them..because the affection was not given easily they put you through the test and you failed which ultimately means.. They have failed in choosing to let you in... & Loosing is not an Option... Now please understand this is only when they have given you their Heart..Everyday people may never feel the sting ..because they have not been allowed in anyway (not really).....I will say that when I was younger (My temper was (stupid crazy) but age and life has tempered me considerably......I believe that Scorpio's Need a mate that is lighthearted, affectionate and loving because a mate that is Emotionally Cold, Secretive and Stingy with affection.. will rock us to the Core and bring out everything Bad that is in us... Scorpios Adore Innocence, Intelligence & Honorable Characters...Dislike Fake & Obtrusive personalities...If you are a Rockstar Girl.. go ahead and be a rocker he may Love that part of you... as long as you are not fake.. I'd say don't put on your best side but be YOU cstar777...be who you are, because that's who he wants to know & possible Love....In the bedroom..I have to say in my experience ALL OF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE...& that in part is because Scorpio's love to Please...But a suggestion...it's your innocence in this area that will be most pleasing to him..Now I'm not saying pretend you have never slept with anyone before and or don't know what to do... but by innocence I guess I mean (your honest & true feelings) Need to be felt by him..The Innocence of True Love the passion of your love for him.. Innocence in the sense that you are HIS and your feelings for him are Pure...Scorpio's are very Empathetic and it is in the bedroom that they can most sense your true feeling for them..So keep it Real... I think you should give your Scopio guy a chance..but if you know that you don't Really care about him...You should most likely leave him alone....If there is any truth to the Scorpio Character that they are dangerous...it is in the area of Playing with their Hearts... Because Scorpios Love Hard...Everyone is an Individual and I guess not all scorpios have these traits..But I've never met one that didn't...Goodluck..The Best of wishes to you and Yours

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