Needing help with reading interpretation

  • I did a tarot reading for myself but I'm still a beginner so I'm still getting confused with how to interpret the meanings of the cards to the question I asked. I chose a horsehoe spread from a book I have because it says it's more applicable to a specific question than a general reading. I know people on here know more about tarot cards than I do so, if anyone has any insights on what the cards mean, I'd really appreciate it. My question was, Will I meet someone and fall in love soon? These were the cards I pulled:

    Past influences: The Moon

    The Present: Six of Cups

    Hopes and Fears: Six of Swords

    Obstacles: Seven of Swords

    Other's Attitudes: Six of Pentacles

    Influence Around You: Two of Cups

    Outcome: Five of Cups

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