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  • Years ago my tarot/numerologist informed me that our first house 1750 = 1+7+5+0 = 4 was always going to be in need of repairs.

    We've since moved into a new house and I am curious if someone would be willing to provide a little insight as to our new house 1310 = 5

    I feel the house has a lot of negativity to it. Maybe from the previous owners...not sure.



  • Hi AndreaOh -

    While I can't speak to the meaning of the number 5, I can offer some insight into ways you can mitigate that negative energy. For several years I lived in New Mexico and I became a big fan of the Native American practice of smudging.

    Smudging is the use of positive energy to remove old and/or negative energy from a home or other environment. You can smudge using sage sticks (which I like), but also by clapping. If you smudge using a sage stick, simply light the stick and walk around each room of your house, making sure you cover every nook and cranny with the smoke. When you smudge, it helps to repeat whatever it is you'd like to accomplish - such as, 'please bring positive energy and harmony into this house."

    It's also important that when you smudge you open as many doors and windows as possible to enable the movement of the energy throughout the home. If you can't find sage sticks, you can create the same desired effect by clapping throughout the home - again making sure you hit all of the corners (including closets). The idea is to move out the old energy and move in the new. It's amazing what gets uncovered when you smudge and how quickly positive energy is manifested!

    Good luck and congratulations on your new house!


  • ooooooh what about number 10? Please thankyou 🙂

  • Wow I am going to do that to my new Apartment, , What can i do to proote happiness into my home? Does anyone know?

  • Yes five is a codic number I can tell u all still learning but u will love the book glasic has ur number but I miss spelled the name gladis it will be able to read all about it & mabey five is also bad with ur life number too. Check out that book .good luck

  • Is number 1

  • Number 1 is for the 10

  • Namaste Andrea!

    Five represents change.

    Here is a post I found online that speaks to this.

    This is the house of a Temporary Dwelling. Most five houses have people moving in and out all the time. The vibration of a number five is that of a challenge, change and new experiences. If the tenants don't move often then they will find themselves constantly changing the decor of this home. It is perfect for an interior designer who loves to keep up with the trends, and uses their home as a showcase. People who live in a five home live for variety and that will show as each room in the house will have a variety of themes within the decor. Positive Colour Suggestions: Green to aid with healing the changes.

    Hope this helps!

    love and light


  • Ahiliyah are you going to comment on the rest of the numbers?

  • Namaste Worthy. If you or those who have posted here will click on the link above, it opens directly to the page where all the house numbers are listed.



  • Hi 228 -

    Smudging is a great way to promote happiness in a new home as it helps to clean out old or stale energy from previous owners, etc. I just helped a friend of mine smudge her new home last night. We also lit green candles to help aid her smudging meditiaiton, which was to heal and move forward. Candles are a great way to aid in the smudging effort as they can offer an extra source of support.

    The three primary plants used for smudging are sage, cedar and sweetgrass - almost most stores sell the sage variety. Here's a Web site that explains the spiritual representation of different candle colors along with smudging information:

    Good luck!


  • I'm going t go against the flow and say that 5 is the home of hairdressers, artists and all creative souls. 5- dwellers have 'arty'' fun houses, so kick out any negativity by filling the place with arts, crafts and colours, not gorgetting scented candles...similar to smudging someone has sensibly suggested..

  • My house # is 1206,what does it mean?



    love & light 🙂

  • Ahhh, yawn,yawn oh! I think I am awake now! What an interesting and lively thread! My house number equals 5 (6950 #102) and I would Love to know what that means. I am a writer, couldn't care less about hairdressing, and not real artsy people here, just us book worms and web browsers. Are we living wrong? Sometimes odd things do happen here.....

  • BUMP:-(

  • Scribe1 don't you think that writing is an art? Not everyone is successful at writing or painting or other things considered as artsy. But even if someone is trying they are working toward being artistic.

  • I too use the art of smudge to re align the energy in my home. It is such an uplifting practice.

    I would try getting a smudge stick (white sage). You will notice as huge energy shift and clearing.




  • Libra, :-))

    Summerotter, Hello! yes you are so right smudging is wonderful and i would do it everyday if i could, :-), thanks to librasLair above for to this wonderful art. 🙂

    I also now burn white sage candles,they are a nice burst of energy around the house.

    Happy Holidays,

    Peace, Blessings

    Love & Light

    Namaste :-))

  • LibrasLair,

    You are right, as usual! Writing is an art. I seem to take it for granted since the rest of my family are truely artists in paint, music and crafts. I do wonderful stick figures and can hum a tune now and then, but they are really good. But writing is my forte and perhaps I shouldn't be so sceptical about 5 not being for the arts (bad dog, no biscuit lol). I have just writen a novel that is sitting with the editor as I write. I hope it takes off when all is said and done. But back to the numbers. I hope writing is an art, it is my gift. And I apologize to those I have offended here. Honestly. Blessed be to all...

  • Still wondering the meaning behind my house # ???

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