Can someone do a reading on me?

  • I have started a new business and am wondering if I can really succeed? My money is verrrrrry tight right now and my husband is not bringing in very much money. How will this all come out. What is my future? He promised when I married him two years ago that everything would be great but it hasn't turned out that way. I don't know what he is thinking.

  • You can succeed if you trust your intuition, no one else's. Hard work will be required, and much you will have to do on your own. Your husband appears to have taken you for granted, so tell him you need his help with the business to succeed, and although this is not technically true, I bet it would appeal to his sense of right and wrong. He has some karmic lessons to be learned. Try unconventional advertisement methods. I'm not sure what your business is, but you might try posting flyers at coffe shops and handing out business cards. Be assertive. You will likely realize your inner strength, and then you will succeed.

  • hey junemoon.... read some of your readings.. u seem to be really good .. help me on this one if you can ... its quite simple ... basic i think ...

    my D O B : 19.09.1986 ... i just want a general reading if you can give one ... not in a very good place right now. also, my ex's DOB is 24.08.1986 ... i just wanna know if we will ever totally get out of each others' lives .. if ever... 😛 ....

  • Both you and your ex tend to look on the bright side of things. On the other hand, he was sort of freewheeling and distant at times, whereas you need to feel close in a relationship to be happy. I think you had to much in common in some areas (you both tend to have a bit of a temper), but you were too far apart in others (you would prefer to go on adventures with your loved one, but his unpredictability became troublesome). It is hard for you to completely let go because you've known him a long time and know him well.

    I recommend you remain friends as you can still learn from each other, but I would not advise getting back together with him. (If he is or becomes obnoxious, then sever your ties. It isn't worth it). Try to branch out and meet new people. Your birth date number is 1, so a Leo might be a good match for you. Keep a positive outlook and happiness is bound to come your way.

    If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know. Good luck!

  • Hi Junemoon26

    I have only just purchased myself a set of Rider-Waite tarot cards and am starting to practise with play with them to get myself comfortable with them. I have learnt reiki 1 & 2 and trying to get myself to a place where I can be confident with what I pick up.

    Could you see what you can for me (dob 26 feb 1972) and for D (dob 2 jan 1977) and anything else that comes to you would be wonderful. I would like to offer an absent reiki healing to you for sharing your gift

    love and light

    T x

  • thanks JM .... u were so right ... i felt like u knew me forever!! i rele rele needed 2 hear that!!

    if u dont mind .. theres another question ... u already have my DOB .... this is in relation o a friend .. dob 17.2.1989 .... things arent good between us now ... i just wanna know if we will be good friends like we used to again some time in the future...

  • Thank you JM... looks like I have some really hard work to do. I just wonder what my general feeling of being overwhelmed is from? I'm in the financial services industry. I offer insurrance and annuity products to the public. I also have a paralegal certificate (I acquired that because my husband is an attorney. And I thought that I could help out.) I am also a former K-12 teacher. I never did like teaching in thr public schools, but did it for over 15 years. And I am also a Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programing. My hobby is singing jazz. I did it professionally. And I graduated College with a degree in Art, Music and English. Needless to say, I am a "learner." The question is, what path do I take to be most successful?

  • Karinjazz, I feel like your heart was in the arts and music, but you never really felt like you could make a living out of it, and so chose business and teaching instead. (I wonder if someone influential in your life made you feel that way). I have a feeling you will be happiest if you choose music or art, but will make the most money in business or teaching, although your heart is not truly in it. You must decide what is most important to you now, personal fufillment or financial well being. It's not a choice you have to make today, and it might be wise to look after your finances for now, and when that area becomes more stable, then follow your passions. But you know best what path you should follow.

  • and your friend are quite different. You are bright and outgoing, and your friend is charming but on the quiet (but not shy) side, and more philosophical. You may have said something which offended your friend, even though you didn't mean it. Apologize if there is an issue, even if you feel you are in the right.

    In the past, your friend taught you things about yourself you never dreamed, although s/he came off a little cold sometimes. You sensed that there was wonderful things to be discovered underneath their surface and you were right. Your friend loved your tendency to say what's on your mind, although sometimes she heard what she didn't want to. The one thing you shared was your caring natures, although you expressed it differently. You would be more likely to say how you feel ("Thanks so much, you're amazing!") while she would more likely do you a favor to show her gratitude. By the same token, you would tell someone if you were upset, while she might not say and simply take action.

    You can be friends again when you accept each other and agree to disagree. You can benefit from her wisdom and she can benefit from your optomism. Good luck!!

  • Hi Junemoon26, nice name. Could you do a reading for me regarding my life? Peace, light, love, blessings x

  • can anyone do a reading for me? Would like to know whats going to happen with James and I in the future? I am virgo 13/09/65, he is scorpio 19/11/1955.


  • Talisa72, I'm so sorry about not getting back with you sooner. I hope you read this:

    You and D have always had a lot in common. You both go after your goals and are dedicated to your loved ones. Your primary difference is how you express your feelings. Your are romantic and affectionate, while he is more reserved in love but very loyal. When problems arrive, don't hesitate to talk them out. You're both confident enough to share your feelings with each other. You are both social, and probably enjoy going out together. Just discuss things with each other sometimes and you should be happy. If there's anything else, let me know!

  • I have been in a relationship about 3 1/2 years and now he says he needs some space. I feel hurt and am wondering should I walk away or do I stay and try some more? I am an Aquarius 1962 and he is an Aries 1953

  • and James have been having some problems lately. You find him difficult to communicate with effectively and he finds you too distant at times. He relies on you a lot, more than maybe he'd like to admit. However, both you and James are sensitive and caring, you just express it differently.

    In the beginning of your relationship, he was drawn to your self-assurance and you were drawn to his graceful, charming manner.

    To be happy now, you must discuss your differences. It may be hard, but you both care about your relationship.

  • free4now, it would help if you gave me yours and his exact birth dates! But here's my reading for now:

    You and your Aries have been having troubles lately. You are bright, open, and kindhearted, but tend to blurt out things sometimes. He is sensitive, charming, and a little mysterious. You find him distant at times, and you might say things accidentally that hurt his feelings.

    In the past, your mutal love of freedom and exploring bonded you together. You two had some amazing adventures together, you may feel like you've never known anyone like him.

    Give your love one last try. Give him a little time, then tell him you miss him and want to stay together. I have a feeling this one is up to him. He may stay, he may not. I have a feeling he has some karmic lessons to learn. If he does leave, he will miss you and come back. But right now, the ball's in his court, so to speak. Do what feels right for you. Good luck!

  • Thank you HansWolfgang. Though I think the date has changed since there have many changes already. Could you check again?

  • Hi Junemoon26

    Please no need to apologise as I appreciate you offering your gift. Thanks so much for what you have said as it is very true. Darren and I are currently seperated sice april and he is in another relationship. I believe we still have an a energy connection and have been told that there may be a future for us. Can you see if that is a possibility and what needs to happen before it can happen.

    Thanks again for sharing your gift hugs

  • Hi Junemoon, could you please share your gift with me. I have recently parted form my ex, how is he doing and what is coming up for me now. x

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    good day and thanks for your great work in helping fellow members here.

    Need a reading from you as well...

    i am trying to patch up with my ex....and am having some hesitation which i'm not sure what it is.

    Can you see my prob and Do you see me and my ex. back together? she still have feelings for me?

    my DOB 5Mar76 while hers: 23Nov74

    Thanks a million

    blessing to you.


  • Hi Junemoon,

    Please do a reading for me too. My DOB is 9/22/83 9:07am. What field/industry do you see me excel in terms of my career and when can I possibly find another fulfilling job? I feel stagnant from my current job though the pay really helps me pay my bills.

    Also, I have a partnership business which is not doing well and I'm already planning to pullout and get back my shares. I was suppose to try starting again a biz on my own but was advised not to pursue it since this might be not the right time yet.

    Please advice too when shall I tell my partner bout my plan. Once I get the shares back from him, where shall I best put it to earn interest while keeping hold of it?

    Thank you

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