Trying to win her heart...your opinions please.

  • I see a proceed with caution sign. Remember this wonderful and feel good attraction you are enjoying is not the only reality. It's not a matter of "is this attraction for real ?" as much as it is how do I follow my heart without loosing my head.?The fact that you resist knowing too much about her husband is a warning sign. Despite your bond with this woman you can't ignore the reality of her "choice" in husbands. You can't really know her until you understand the how and why of her bond with that man. If he is a manifistation of her dark side you need to know that part of her to be truely intimate. As a quiet soul, you sometimes live in your head more than others. This woman is a lot like you in this respect. You both escape into each other and feel very safe knowing that neither of you will rock the boat or ask too much. Tthis woman is abiding and her husband is not--in fact ,he is her opposite and does not mind rocking boats or worse, smashing boats. Don't underestimate his potential for violence. He sees this woman as his property. This is why you must be cautious and expect the unexpected--don't be caught with your head in the clouds when the enemy approaches. Your relationship with this woman will take more patience on your part then expected. She has many things still left undone before she's ready for a new man--her life could get very messy soon and she will go back and forth with her husband a few times before finally making the break final. You can not rescue her from this as it is how she will break the cycle that motivated her to love a man who is abusive. She wasn't just a victim charmed by her husband. Something damaged in her attracted him.She must heal that part of her that still feels an attachment to him. This transformation may not happen as soon as you'd like to imagine. It could take awhile. Love her as long as it gives you joy but don't blind yourself with it. As wonderful as you two feel together it is not the only reality you both must acknowledge to keep yourselves safe.

  • Blmoon. Very insightful. I have considered many of the things you've spoken about. Including the potential for violence. I am VERY aware of this point and have consulted with her close friends at work to make sure the gift I give is not going too far. I will dig deeper into that perspective. I can tell you that the "choice" in her husband was made at a very early age. High school sweethearts, and I'm sure we all know some of the choices we make at that age are maybe not the best ones. It's not that I resist knowing too much about him, it's that I resist making her feel uncomfortable by talking to her about him, as I'm sure she is very aware that I'm attracted to her and don't want to 'rock the boat' as you so aptly put it. Friends at work who know her well have told me a great deal about him, and none hold him in high regard. None. One even said, before she even knew how I felt, that she should marry me. Wow. However, all that being said I hear the words you say and take them to heart and will be cautious and patient. What a mess I've gotten myself into, right?! LOL!

    Thank you again. I appreciate your insight.

    All the best


  • lovinmylife:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain of losing your grandparents as I lost my dear, sweet Grandma Kate back on July 5th. She always showed me nothing but kindness and love. I still feel her presence and her strength with me everyday, as I'm sure you feel your grandparents energy.

    I find it a great coincidence, or illusion of coincidence, that your grandfather and I have the same birthday, and was married on the birthday of my love. I'm glad you shared with this me. It sounds as if they had a long and happy life together and that's all anyone can ask for. Thank you for opening up to me.

    I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the loved one we lose are never really gone.....;)

    All the best to you and yours


  • Azaza LISTEN TO ME...................The girl is for you. Stop worrying. As I said before it wont be easy but you know how to handle yourself and it will be ALL GOOD. Please read my last post to you on here. I know what I am talkin about brotha! Lol. Its gonna be just fine. TRUST. You already know this girl is for you. You gonna be just fine. ( ;

  • HAHAHA we posted at the same time. I posted something a little while ago asking psychics to tell me when my grandather is near me. I hope I get my answer soon. ) : I have no patience. lol

  • Thanks for the e-bay recommendation. I will absolutely look into it as I am a firm believer in exploring ALL avenues in the Universe to find the answers we seek.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.


  • lovinmylife.....I LIKE YOU!!!!! You give me hope!!!! You lift my spirit!!!! I'm going to invite you to the wedding when it happens!!!!! 😉

    I'm not a psychic, though I know it's inside me but not fully realized, but your Grandfather is with you whenever you need him. All you need to do is concentrate your thoughts on him and he is there. He knows you love and miss him. He knows what you feel and what you are thinking. He loves you. You'll know when you feel that brush of energy.

  • AWE thanks buddy. I love weddings. I am so there. You can come to mine to if me and my love can ever get our stuff together.

    I like what you say about my grandfather. My grandmothers passed away too. ) : I have felt my grandmother only a couple of times. I try not to pull them down here as I feel they already gave so much when they were alive its time for them to enjoy their lives in heaven. My granfather is gonna be real busy reuniting with all his loved ones that have passed on. I only want to ask for his presence to be known when he decides to visit me not the other way around. there are other family members grieving him much more than I have. I knew he was going to die a year ago so I have had plenty of time to prepare. Well anyways Im rambling. I gotta gets to bed NOW> thanks for the love. ((((hugs))))

  • lovinmylife...I hope you got a good nights sleep and are feeling better today, and that your family is staying strong in this difficult time.

    I read your thread about your Grandfather and let me say this. Just quiet your mind and let his energy penetrate you. You'll just KNOW when he with you. You will feel a tingle of energy, starting in the head or in the chest and it will spread throughout your body. And I guarantee you'll be grinning from ear to ear because you feel that love and energy and know that everything is just fine.


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