Trying to win her heart...your opinions please.

  • Hello all. Hope you are doing well. Here's my story:

    After close to 15 years at the same job working as a Sous Chef, I was let go because of the slumping economy. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I knew that there was a deeper meaning behind why there was such a big change happening in my life. And I'm convinced now that it was so I could find the woman who I believe is the one. I landed a job at a much smaller restaurant for less money and it has been a difficult transition for me for many reasons. However, during my tenure at the new job, I have fallen hopelessly and completely in love with a woman who I will call Linda. It wasn't love at first sight though I immediately found her attractive. But being a Sagittarius, I can be quite shy and quiet. But over the next few months, I found myself thinking about her all the time. It was then that I found out she was married. So, being respectful of that, I kept my mouth shut about how I felt and tried to bury those feelings, though it was difficult and would make gestures to a dishwasher who spoke no English that my heart was for her. Nothing more. Then one day, the sous chef asked me what I thought of a particular waitress...I said she was "okay." Then the dishwasher yells out, in English no less, "He loves Linda!". The sous chef replied "Go for it, man. She wants a divorce!!" My head began to spin. All the feelings I had tried to bury came to the surface like a wave over a beach. It overwhelmed me. It turns out that her husband has not held up his part of their marriage. He doesn't work because he chooses not to, not that he can't, and has put the burden of supporting them both on her and has simply taken her for granted. They are now on the verge of losing their house while he is in jail for a DUI. Get the picture? Everyone I talk to at work who knows them absolutely loves her, and can't stand him.

    I don't want to come off as some sort of vulture, though I do feel like that sometimes. We have so much in common. We are both Sagittarius. I was born 12.20.70 and she was born 12.21.69. We both have ascending signs in Scorpio. We have the same interests in astrology(I've been teaching her what I know), karma, spirituality(not religion) and are genuinely altruistic people who want to help others. Others at work have seen the chemistry between us and over the months there have been several flirtatious moments which is odd for both of us as were are both pretty shy and quiet people.

    I've decided that even though I know the Universe is teaching me patience, I have to, in a subtle and genuine way, let her know how I feel. Her birthday is coming up so I bought her the new Astrology 2010 book and had a birthday card personalized for her with a Sagittarius theme and a poem I wrote for her, one of many. But this poem is special. Since she was born on the Winter Solstice, I thought it may be fitting to let her know how special I believe she is and that on the day she was born, the sun stands still. I want to hear your opinions about my approach to win her heart.

    Thank you all in advance and wish you all perfect happiness.

  • I know from personal experience how heartbreaking and difficult it is to be in love with someone who is already "taken". It's so trite but I believe it is true that what is meant to be will be. The fact that you have been teaching her about astrology and bought her book about it for her birthday as well as the beautiful poem should be enough to let her know how much you care. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! I think that's probably all you can really do right now until she sorts her own situation out. I hope you will keep us updated.

  • Thank you stonyeye. Yes, it has been difficult. But I know in my heart she is the one and all the signs tell me that my patience will win out in the end. I have hope, and hope is a waking dream. I wll keep you posted.

  • lol is her husband a aquarius! she sounds like me. I was a waitress too, and everyone hated my bf... who is now is jail. lol Sag and sag are perfect togethor you guys sound pretty fated...maybe you can get a little phsycic insight. good luck!

  • Thanks. I believe we are fated. I'm not sure if her husband is an Aquarius. I try not to pry into her personal life and she does keep me at a distance when it comes to what's going on with her in that regard. My sister has told me that it's because she likes me that she doesn't reveal her dysfunctional marriage details. I did receive some pyschic insight from hanswolfgang earlier tonight and it was very positive. I was worried he'd tell me something I didn't want to hear but it was all good. sucks but I told a friend earlier in the week that if I knew there was even the slightest chance we could have a life together, I'd wait an eternity.

  • well im pretty sure hans reads cards, wich is great! but maybe some of the psychic's on the board will stuble across here and help you out. and your sis is probably right, also as a sag girl I tend to keep everything personal at a distance in the beging with guys I like. I think your sis is right.

  • Yes Azaza you are meant for each other, it wont be long. patience will be appreciated. She smiles at you alot and looks forward to coming into work to see you. You are very comforting to her and you are doing exactly what she needs from you right now. Dont get discouraged if she pulls away momentarily, she may become overwhelmed by your feelings for each other, but hang in there because soon she will be all yours. Lucky YOU!!!

  • Thank you KarmaComa and lovinmylife. You're words mean a great deal to me.

    lovinmylife.....I must say I felt a true blast of good energy after reading your post. I was practically in tears. She does smile at me, in the most precious way. It's like a warm breeze coming over me. Like home. I read in another thread about palm readings and you said that you were empathic. Are you also psychic? Just curious as I'm trying to get as much insight as I can into this matter and I am still pretty new to this board. Either way, I thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They are most appreciated.

    Take care

  • Azaza I wouldnt go as far as to say I am psycic as I feel we all are to a degree. I have very strong intuition and pick up things sometimes I never force it or try hard. I have been working on my own spirituality for quite sometime and I got a strong feeling off your post so I responded what came to me. I have had psychics tell me I am so I try to help when I can. She really does smile at you often, I dont think she smiles as much when you arent around. In fact quite the opposite I think her situation has caused her much more grief then it was worth and its making her question her judgment about men in general so go slow and give her time to heal from her last relationship which I am assuming she is still tying up loose ends. You have given her a great deal of strenght to be able to do this. She thinks about you almost as much as you think of her. But she is somewhat distracted from her situation. She isnt ready to jump into anything but when she is you will be the first to know.

  • Azaza12,

    And if she doesn't want you, maybe lovinmylife and I can share you!!! The men in our lives have yet to get their acts together!!!!! :-))

  • Well lovin, so far you've hit the nail on the head which gives me more hope. Thank you again.

    Wenchie, I wouldn't go as far as saying I've got my act together as I'm always working on improving myself. And besides, I only have eyes for one. She's in everything I see.

    If there are any psychics who read this and can give me more insight, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Love and light on all of you. Namaste.

  • Bump. Venus, the love planet, is in Scorpio, my ascending sign and hers as well. Had a hard time sleeping so I'm hoping bumping this thread to the first page may get some more insight from others here. Just having a hard time today with all of this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I feel you should take the plunge and speak your feelings. Not so much that you scare her, but to the effect of "I want you, let me take you out". you need to make a move or nothing is going to come of is. Shes not going to do it for you. I hope you take the advice. Good luck

  • well Azaza12,

    i can tell your a very good guy, much like myself, im a SAG male also, but im only 21 now 22 on Dec 11th, but i think people will agree that im very mature and wise for my age on here hearing me give out advice on here the last few months, i seem like the only "active guy" on this forum beside hans now lol well i too am very shy and quiet until i get comfortable then i can be loud and out there lol i can tell you like her very much but is it love or just lust? cause i know that being a sag once we fall for someone WE FALL HARD!! lol much like i have fallen for this Libra girl but we "friends" right now but still considers us dating wtf lol i too have ALOT, i mean ALOT in common with her but i wont get into it i would be here typing up a book for you(people on here know by now lol)

    but two sags eh? hmmm well it sounds like it would be a perfect match, but damn you in a tough situation, shes married but yes there is hope!! us Sags are very optimistic, and yeah man if you guys are flirting and yet shes married you bet that she thinks about you alot too, BUT i cant help but say that maybe that poem might be like "WHOA" from her, unless you say something a few weeks before that, maybe say something like "hey i think your Beautiful and i wanted to ask you out sometime" of course shes gonna say "im married" but it depends on her face expressions when she says it(probably smiling and flattered) and then probably say " yes, i know but i couldnt help but take the chance, even though i dont wanna be responible for breakin up a marriage" then who knows how she will respond? maybe " oh my marriage and has been going down the drain for years, but ill think about it(and smile)"

    you can only hope right? but i think if you did something like this maybe soon or in few weeks, that if you were to give your poem to her she would think your the sweetest guy alive lol

    but she is a sag also, and Sags are very direct and honest with what we say, so i think she will tell you that she likes you too if you were to tell her first, but it could be bad also, but it doesnt sound like it will be. damn i really cant think of anything else to say lol, well maybe i helped i dunno, good luck to you, and yes be patient with her(thats hard for sags, i am having trouble with it) but stay positive, sags are usually good looking and charmers(from what ive heard on this forum) so just be your self and show your personality, us sags love humor. well i think im done now haha

  • Well, KarmaComa, I would love nothing more than to tell her how I feel and take that plunge. And I think that with the poem that I wrote for her that I'm giving her for her birthday will be the start of it. I've had to be patient and respectful during all of this because I know she's dealing with a lot at home. But I'm also tired of seeing this sweet lady in perpetual pain. I guess I'm talking about timing here. And I figured that giving her this poem on my birthday, the 20th, for her birthday, the 21st, is a pretty good place to start. So, I am taking your advice, but just waiting for the right moment to really tell her how I feel. I guess it's the whole working together thing that's holding me back. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable at work. I love her too much to cause her any more pain and suffering.

  • Would still like more insight....any readings would be greatly appreciated. Please forgive my selfishness....


  • Azaza I don't give readings, I believe the future is our own making. What you get out of life is what you send out. If you are truthful to her, you will not regret it. I can't tell you for sure that your relationship, if it happens, will last. But I can assure you, nothing is impossible when it comes to the universe. Live your life in the truth, for it will only promt you to send out positive energy, that will be returned to you. You may find help, support when in doubt and trouble, among these rewards. For life is meant to learn and move forward, problems and challenges will always come. So it will sure be nice to watch what you send out means your thoughts and words.

    I feel that you truly love her and that your gifts, no matter how small others perceive them, will mean a lot to her for they come from the heart. I have to tell you that you still have to remember there is possibility that she will not be yours. She is her own person, may be affected badly by her previous and current relationships, and so she may not see you for who you are even though you sure will make her happy with the gifts and the friendship. I don't want to rain on your parade, but I need you to be prepared for the worst. As I said before, life is meant to learn and move forward, so being prepared is never a bad thing.

    I have seen this combo before. It didn't work. I don't know why. They were good friends, she was in love with him and he with her, everyone thought it would work and yet it didn't. I am not saying this to stop you from giving her gifts, I am just sharing what I saw. I am not saying this will happen to you either. I just want you to be prepared and take your time to know her better as much as you can before proceeding.

    The gifts sure will delight her, she is in a troubled relationship and you come along with attention and love, of course any woman in that situation will be delighted. I hope the best for you and her.

  • leoscorpion, I appreciate and thank you for your words and opinion. And I am prepared for this dream of mine to not come to fruition. She is her own person. Strong willed and a fierce integrity. I guess I can't help but feel that the Universe has put me here for this reason. The funny thing is, is that I wasn't looking for love. I was perfectly comfortable with my single life and was enjoying my bachelorhood. She simply blindsided me! LOL! I would just like her to be happy. She's so sweet and endearing and works so hard. If anyone in the Universe deserves to be happy, it's her. I can't understand how any man could NOT fall in love with her. Thank you again. I wish you all the best!!

  • Azaza I just wanna say that you have the same birthday as my dear grandfather that passed away today. He was the most loving, wonderful man. Everyone loved him. I just wanted to share this with you since you share a birthday. I am not just saying these things because he died. He was really loved by everyone that met him. I think whatever happens with you and this woman you will come out shiny always. You have a special birthday and the girl that you love was born on wedding anniversary of my grandfather and my grandmother she passed away 7 years ago and they had a good life and they were commited to each other all their lives. Best of luck to you. ( :

  • Hi Azaza,

    I know you are looking for a reading and wanted to recommend E-bay. I've purchased readings on e-bay in the past for as low as 3 and up to 20 dollars from different psychics. I thought I would test it out since they were so inexpensive and I ended up with some really acurate and detailed readings this way. The response was always within at most 48 hours. Read the feedback and you will be able to judge who is genuine.

    Good luck with everything. I hope it all works out wonderfully for the two of you. I like what Leoscorpion said.....nothing is impossible when it comes to the universe. Take care.

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