What's my Reason for being....

  • here on this earth ? I feel I have not reached my full potential and have a nagging feeling there is more me then meets my mind and eyes. Where do I belong or need to do to get there ? I was told once by that I was clairvoyant , by a clairvoyant . but cant seem to connect with that. How could this person sense this about me. I would really appreciate any readings/insights that anyone can offering in regards to my questions .All replies are welcome .

    Thank you

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  • I think you may have alot of experience with people and you have a very strong intuition. Maybe you can help me later. i got to go to work now but I would like to talk with you about it.

  • Hello cslow,

    I am sorry , but I do not have the abilities to be able to help you as others would in the forum , I wish I could . Hope all goes well for you !


  • Hi Dove,

    You're here for the same reason that we all are....to experience...we learn, we teach, we grow through experiences. This is the case of all experiences. You can learn from hardship, from sorrow, from joy, from anything. Learning from joy sounds nice to me. What makes you joyful? What brings a smile to your face? Follow your joy and you will find a path that feels fulfilling to you. You do not have to experience clairvoyance to be living a spiritual life. It's all spiritual. It's all valid.

  • Manifestdreams ...Thank you for you comments I appreciate it. Have a great day! Dovres46

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