Dating new guy but.....

  • I have been dating a new guy. His name is Matthew born on December 10 1981. He is a great guy, super intelligent, sweet and just all around a great guy. But there is something missing. For me its the intense connection I had with my ex. With Matt he is handsome and smart and we have great conversation but for me the excitement and just sheer pleasure I would get from being with my ex is not there. I am not still heartbroken over my ex. I would not have started dating if I were. But there are things I miss and can't seem to find with other men. Matt would like to become exclusive. He says he is ready for a label. Can anyone offer any insight into the future of this relationship?

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    I think u need to more ask WHY DO I COMPARE MATTHEW TO MY EX???

  • Hi,

    I am not comparing, they are two totally different people so comparison would be silly. Thank you anyway

  • Jungle Bunny I think you should accept this for now. It would be good for you to be with someone where you arent feeling the pressures of intense emotion. THis one is light hearted and good for your soul as the last one was making you feel kinda crazy when he left. Give him a chance, it may not last but still a good experience for you. This relationship ca ngive you strength so you arent worrying so much about your ex. Your ex still may come back to you but its good to know at least you have options. My advice is go for it. What do you have to lose. He sounds like someone sho is worthy of your time and you may find some comfort in someone else who is liking your energy very much. Just make sure he takes it slow with you but dont be afraid to let down your gaurd a little bit. Good for you!!!!! ( ;

  • Thank you 1. For understanding what I was asking 2. For giving positive advice. I agree I am seeing him its light its easy but he wants a label now and for me its scary. But he is a nice guy so I try to go with the flow

  • I know how u feel .it sounds like what I going trough. I have been looking for a good psychic to talk to. My eyes even changed from blue to green so I feel like I lost a big part of my self! Good luck hope all is for the beter

  • Jungle bunny its scary to be the one holding the keys. I know. You do have control over this relationship, just relax it will be a positive one. It may not be long term but still a positive experience.

  • thanks i hope it will be

  • Pardon if u took my advice to heart BUT ur post indicated n was filled with how wonderful ur ex was, n hardly nothing of ur new man. anyone else reading could get that same feeling as i did.

    i wish the best 4 u whichever guy u choose. i wish u luck.

    light n blessings

  • I didn't take it to heart. If you think the post was filled with how wonderful my ex was I think you should probably read it again. There are about 8 or 9 words in the post where I describe my ex. The rest of the post is a description of the person Matt is. I am sorry if you misunderstood what I was saying. There is no need to apologize absolutely no harm done

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