Hi Chris1962

  • Hi Chris, I have never had a reading from a guy before & I have been reading your predictions which interested me. Can you please give me some advice.

    I have been in this on/off relationship for the last eight years but have broken up with him since Jan this year, it was a very unhappy relationship. I have since picked up my life and moved on or so I thought......now he's back begging me to come back to him. The logical part of me says "NO" while the emotional part does not know what to do because I have not met anyone as yet and I guess it's the feeling of being alone that is considering it but I know I won't be happy doing that........I just want to know if my real soul mate is out there and will I find him soon? I know this sounds like quite a pathetic situation but I am just looking for hope and reassurance that I won't end up alone.

    D.O.B - 28/01/75

  • Hi Gamby I know you asked for cris, I am a good friend of hers and I think I can help you. I think you have already answered the question withour realizing it. You were unhappy with him. Do you really want to go through that again? You are only wanting to be with im in fear of being alone. When we act out of fear we make mistakes, sometimes big ones. Its time to move onto a new chapter in your life. Your soulmate isnt available to you as of yet. I think he is trying to leave an unhappy relationship as well. Try praying for him or meditating whatever it is that you do. Ask that you are brought closer together. You will knwo when you meet him because the fireworks will go off inside..BAM BAM BAM. This relationship will have its challenges so get your life in a peaceful place so that you are ready. I cant give you a time line because you both have some growing to do. Start asking what areas of your life need to be developed so that you can handle the intesity of this relationship. I think it wont happen until after the new year but close to it. you will have a meeting or 2 but things wont really take off until the springtime. When you see him he will seem familiar to you. He will approch you and he will be smiling.

  • Hi Lovinmylife,

    Thank you for the kind advice and reassurance. I feel better already. I've just been in a total mess and have tried yoga & meditation but my mind keeps wondering to the "what ifs". I think we all go through this when we are scared and alone and I have read somewhere that the greatest fear in this world is the fear of being alone.

    I am intuitive but have not really worked on it as yet because I am a bit afraid of it. I have had dreams which came true but the dreams were not good. When I was about 8 or 9 I dreamt that our dog was hit by a bus and a hobo in my neigborhood brought him to our house and he was dead and three days later it actually happened. It totally terrified me.

    Another experience was when my Uncle was terminally ill, the day he died I was at work and for some strange reason I felt his him near me and I suddenly knew he had passed on..I started crying out of the blue and twenty minutes later I received a call to say he had.

    My third experience was early this year before my Grandad passed on, I had a dream that he was bedridden and very ill and he was going to die........it happened exactly that way. Can you please tell me why all my intuitive dreams have been about death.

    By the way, I thought Cris was a guy.sorry about that and thank you again for the wonderful advice.

    Love & Light


  • You have probably had other experiences that were highly intuitive you just didnt recognize it. You recognized it when it was about a death because death is sad and so final. You are intuitive you just arent realizing it. Take care.

  • Hi Gamby

    Lovin is quite right here. I honestly don't get success for you if you take this man back. Him begging you tells me he's all alone in the world too, and thinks you're a way out for him. Once he's back feeling secure, he'll dump you all over again.

    Your soulmate is waiting for you, just as you are for him. But as lovin says, you need to be able to make it on your own and acknowledge that so you don't go into another relationship feeling needy or clingy. I do feel there's another fellow coming along in the meantime (unless he's already arrived) who will pick you up out of the doldrums and give you a nice, light filled time. I don't see that this will amount to anything permanent, but it will go towards boosting your self confidence and faith in your own ability to live life to the full without someone else to validate you. The ending of this relationship will be a friendly sort of thing; you'll both come to it and agree that it was well worth the time spent. This man will also be one who you will see again from time to time and you will always have that sort of connection where you can have a simple drink or coffee together and laugh about what life's been like.

    I see your soulmate making himself known in the space of a few months really. The only distinctive thing I get about him is that he's tallish and well built. With a rather infectious laugh, which might be the thing that draws your attention to him. It will start off slowly and build up over time. You will have a feeling of "otherworldliness" about him and feel like your feet are not quite on the ground when you're around him. That's okay. That's telling you, in the words of lovin again, bam bam bam. Just go with it. Don't try to control the progress of this pairing or you might live to regret it. It will dictate itself, if you know what I mean.

    GOOD LUCK. Hope we've both given you a hand here :))

  • Hi Cris

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...

    I had goose bumps reading your reply as it was almost exactly as the reply I got from lovin.

    I made the decision to leave my ex in Jan this year and haven't seen him since. I have moved on in the sense that I started doing new things for myself...he was very controlling & possessive and got jealous of everything I did or anyone I spoke to.

    So I began studying again and in June when I went in to write my exams I met an old friend...a guy I have known since I was 10yrs old....we schooled together up until high school and then lost contact when we went our seperate ways. He was at the same university writing exams as weIl so I guess he's the one you were talking about. He kind of forced me to start going out again as I used to feel guilty doing that after the break up because I was so controlled.

    We've kept in touch since then and went out a couple of times....he has as you said given me a pick me up. He calls to check on me and make me laugh as well as to tell me I take life too seriously. I sensed at first that he wanted more but as time went on we realised without really telling each other that we enjoy the friendship that we've rekindled (we were very close in school). He's also helped me from thinking about my ex so guess he is the one you are talking about.

    I am under pressure from my family to get married because in my culture a girl my age should be married by now but I have stood my ground to the point of stubborness telling my mom that I will only do it when it feels right.

    So reading your prediction as well as lovinmylife's has me all excited....I simply cannot wait for the "bam, bam, bam" I don't know what that feels like but I'm guessing it will be worth the wait.

    You guys are absolutely kind to take time off from your busy lives to help people like me.

    Thank you Cris

    Love & Light


  • Hi Cris 1962,

    can you give me some advice , on how to have strength, i am going through alot right now and sometimes I just feel like giving up and move back to the States, i am living in Panama.

    Going through a break-up of my marriage.

    Please help if you can.



  • Hello Cris 1962,

    Could you please give me some predictions as well please?

    I was wondering as to what do I have to look for ward to in the next three months regarding career. Also will I be dating again soon??

    D.O.B. 04-21-73

    Thanks In Advance,

  • Hi All, Could anyone give me a reading Please? D.O.B. 11/08/1968 THANKS

  • Can anyone help me? I am so lost....

    Approximately 8 months ago my fiance and split do to to fact we argue too much. We both let our past relationships effect the current one (ours at the time) too much and ended up hurting each other tremendously. Up until this past August, we had still been seeing each other on and off, as he couldn't figure out what he wanted, he rarely ever goes back to a relationship after it has ended. He couldn't figure out if he was in love with me or not, analyzing every single detail, every negative detail I might add, and couldn't see us being together for the long haul again. I was willing to make tremendous changes for him (I am to blame for a lot of our problems), as I am scarred very deeply from my past, and let those wounds resurface with him, when I shouldn't have.

    I felt such an overwhelming connection with this man when we first met, all throughout our relationship, during the good and bad. I cannot shake the feeling that we are still meant to be together, although reality says we're not....as you see, two months ago he started seeing someone else. A young woman. This breaks my heart to pieces, even though it was my choice to cut off all contact because his indecision was tearing me apart. I have not truly spoken with this man for well over two months, and I still can't seem to move on. Something deep inside is telling me that they won't be together long...and him and I belong together...and I may not be right. I getting pulled in both directions and I feel I need some sort of guidance. I have to shake this. I can't help feeling that he was my soulmate.....at the same time, so does everyone else after a break-up, right? Why is this taking me so long to move on spiritually and mentally?

    Can anyone give me any insight on this? On their relationship...and what is in store for me? I can't seem to get motivated and nothing seems to be healing...no matter how hard I try. I need to completely give up on this "meant to be together" feeling, but I don't know how, as I feel this so deep inside. Any advice or reading would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



  • Hi Cris,

    My post is on page 28, have you had a chance to answer mine?

  • Cris1962 you silly girl! Did you hear what you told Gamby? Some of the reading just might have been for you if you go back and read it.

  • Hello you guys, I have a question, I've been meditating I'm new at this stuff, I know everyone says everyone has a guardian angel or Spirt Guides, my Chara's are not open, don't know if they ever will, however I do feel Peace n Love feelings sometimes as though I'm getting some kind of communication. I do feel someone near sometimes and I heard my name whispered in my ear once. If is true how come I can't see anything? Just wondering. I think I'm so blocked visually I'll never see anything or open my Chakra's any ideas? Thanks N I'm hoping and Praying for everyone in these hard times and hope you all have a wonderful blessed holiday season. C.C.

  • Hello poetic555

    I am not psychic but I read a lot about this stuff. I came across a website called "California Psychics" which you can google. There is not free readings here but the helpful thing about this site is the articles you receive. One of the Newsletters discussed Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides and how to communicate with them. I have copied and pasted the article below for you to read.

    I hope this helps you.

    Liraslair, thank you for your advice on cleansing gem stones. I will look for a book on them.

    Love & Light


    Article on Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides

    There actually is a big difference between "Guardian Angels" and "Spirit Guides." Guardian Angels have never taken a physical form. They have never gone through the birthing process as we know it. Spirit Guides - on the other hand - inhabited a physical body before they made a transition to the other side.

    Guardian Angels are with us from birth, and help us enter this plane. We each have at least one Guardian Angel by our side. They protect us our entire lives, by helping us fulfill our earthly missions.

    How do we access them?

    If we want something in particular, we must ask for it. It's really as simple as having a conversation with your best friend - or your favorite psychic - ver the phone. Give yourself quiet time daily for meditation and prayer. This is an important element in making contact.

    Since they have never incarnated, Guardian Angels are androgynous beings, not truly male or female. For our purposes on earth we will often assign a Guardian Angel a gender and name, to assist in our own understanding of them and communication with them.

    In readings, I often see a Guardian Angel as an essence of iridescent light that changes color depending upon the message. They have the most magnificent hues surrounding them - colors that we have never seen on planet Earth.

    Since the Earth plane is a free will zone, your Guardian Angel will not interfere with your choices and "just automatically make things happen." Your angel will help or guide you to "make things happen." Pray for anything you want - nothing is trivial or insignificant. Your prayers will be answered, as long as it will not hurt you or someone else - and if it is in alignment with your soul's purpose.

    Remember that when you ask for something in prayer, you are turning the situation over to your guides. That means you have to let go. Resist the temptation to "work on it." Be assured that if something you've asked for is going to hurt you or someone else, your Guardian Angel will see to it that it does not happen, though of course we all know to be careful about what we ask for - because "we just might get it."

    Some requests take longer to manifest - perhaps years or even decades. The most frequent prayer requests from clients is simply, "I just want peace of mind." That one can take a while, of course.

    Identify your Spirit Guides

    By contrast, Spirit Guides are often incarnated family members, spouses, lovers, friends and even acquaintances. They share the fact that they have each been in a physical body. They might be centuries-old spirits you are not even aware of, such as a Japanese warrior, a Native American Indian tribesman, or a monastic monk. They have names and birth dates and are still with us, on the other side of a misty veil. In a reading I often invite them to come speak - if they wish.

    My experience with Spirit Guides is that after one makes their transition they may be very busy reviewing their life - or even attending school. I've actually tried to make contact with certain Spirit Guides in a reading because someone was really hurting and missing their loved one. I've been shown a guide with their back to me, sitting on a luxurious cushion inside a Grecian Temple - letting me know they were not ready to communicate yet.

    Not everyone who has passed over becomes a guide. Just as we choose our professions here on Earth, Spirit Guides may choose to be of service by communicating with us - or they may have another line of work. When a Spirit Guide is ready to make contact, they will make their presence known. Often they will come to you in the dream state. Those dreams are actual visits. They always come with gentleness to comfort you. Often, they leave you a gift or a message of hope.

    Types of angels

    There are other realms of Angels, such as Cherubs - who work with babies. Children are extremely connected to the Angelic realm. There are of course, the Archangels such as Michael (truth, integrity, strength, protection), Raphael (healing, wholeness, unity, learning, creativity), Gabriel (guidance, prophecy), Uriel (justice, balance, peace) and others.

    Then there are Earth Angels - like you! We are guided daily by our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to bring peace, and to effect change in our lives.

  • Thanks Gamby I copied and pasted it so I can print it out and read it. Thanks

  • I've just started reading the posts on here and find them very interesting. (Chris 1962) I have a question or whomever can help me out. My husband of 28 years of marriage passed-away 3 years ago. I was very depressed for a couple of years. My Dad has been ill for awhile and has been in and out of the hospital. During one of his hospital stays an old boyfriend of mine came up to visit my parents. (At the time I was living in Florida). My parents told me about the visit with him. A month later my Dad ended up in the hospital again and I flew in to see him. The old boyfriend and I visited with each other and I gave him my cell no. That evening he called me and we met for coffee. He said I had his No. and to keep in touch. So, I went back to Florida and we talked on the phone quite a bit for months. During this time I have developed feelings for this man and he has helped me out of my depression. I'm an only child and my parents were in need of help so I quit my job sold all of my belongings and moved to my parents home. Also, wanting to be closer to this man. Well, since I've been here we have eaten lunch together quite a few times in the hospital but haven't dated. He seems like he cares for me but when I asked him he told me he has been seeing a woman on and off for 4 years now and if he wasn't with her he would definetely date me. My question is will we ever be together. I care about him deeply and within my heart I feel like he is my soul-mate.

  • My DOB is 11/22/1958. Also, Will I find a good job?

  • I think you have a strong spiritual connection and this ex boyfriend loved you and still loves you. I think he is afraid of hurting you because of the situation with the girlfriend. Dating on and off for 4 years could be serious. Have you talked any since you told him how you feel? I think he may come to a realization soon about both you and this woman hes seeing. He feels obligated to her for some reason and cant make up his mind. My advice would be pray. pray your heart out. Ask God to bring the two of you closer together and that his heart will open to being in a commited relationship with you. See what happens...As far as a job goest that seems to be an issue with a lot of folks these days. You have to assert yourself as much as possible. If you havent already its never a bad idea to further your education. even taking some computer classes you can add that to a resume.

  • Oops sorry that was for you Jonet.

  • Thank you lovingmylife for your spiritual input. I really appreciate it..

    Yes, we have talked over the phone about a month ago. He told me that he only sees his girlfriend sometimes on the week-ends. I asked him if he loved her and he said she isn't very pretty but, she can read his eyes, she puts up with boring meetings with men at his motorcycle club and that she has riden on his bike for long trips. He said he doesn't drive a car on long trips and camps. He also said he didn't want to have to break her heart and that him and I were together 33 years ago and that I'm a fantasy to him. He also told me about having a fall at the hospital and injuring his arm and that he was having surgery. So, I delivered a care package (cabbage rolls .. my mom had made..,brownies and a piece of cake) to his home and left it with his mother. He called and Thanked me and my mom. We talked for 10 min. then he said he would be seeing me around. We haven't talked since.That was about a month ago. I thought about calling him to see how his arm was healing and to wish him a Merry Christmas. I just want to touch base with him to let him know I care. What do you think?

    I will take your advice and continue to pray to God to bring us together for a total commitment.

    Right now I'm working on a position with an Orthopaedic group. Do you think this position will be coming my way? As far as computor classes your right that would help me...

    Wishing you happiness and white light..Jonet

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