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  • I am living in a country(Panama) where I dont speak the language, my husband left me for a colombian girl, and now he tells me she's pregnant, I love it here and decided to open a Hair Salon.

    He continues to call me, text, telling me he is sorry and crys all the time, also telling me he feels we were meant to be together, but he continues to be with the other girl. We are both pisces, My bday 2/28/62 His....2/20/66.

    My question is will we ever get back together, and if not will I meet Mr. right here?

  • Dearest 228, he made his choise.

    1. he cheated on you with the other girl

    2. he made her pregnant

    he made his bed n he aint keen to lie init, but ask urself is that ANY of ur problem?

    Screen ur calls, delete block his txt messages, n focus on u. Start by learning the language, n work ur hair salon. To see if u will find the one for u, it may not b mr,. right but someone good i need real name, city u live in and country 228.

    i wish u the best hon.

  • I live in Panama, Obarrio is the city, my Salon is in Casco Antiguo, is the baby his?

  • Hi 228

    yes the baby is his, he thought a little fun on the side would be ok. he didnt expect fatherhood at all. but hey if u play without concern for protection it happens.

    i see a different man for u. more mature, more settle.

    i sense u may have met him, n may have shyed bc looks may indicate his age as too old for u, BUT he aint as old as u have him

    ur ex wont never grow up, his will remain an unruly kid all his life.

    hope this helps

  • Thank You charmedwitchBente, Do you know what this mans name is ? Also when will this take place, Do you see or feel anything about my business?

  • Hi

    I dont get any name per se just thathe is a nice man. as for taking place when u least ecxpect it, let it happen. business will slowly come around n b well frequented. clientell will build.

  • Thanks Again

  • This person, can you give me a description of what he looks like, how will I know who it is, can you give me a clue?

  • tall dark i think tad grey on the sides which makes u think he is too old. hon if u look search for him he wont show. so why not let it happen as it should? u could miss out on a huge good thing here.

  • Ok Thnks,


  • Hello CharmedWitchBente,

    You mentioned in my first letter that it isn't my problem, Today My client who is into fung shua

    said the same thing...I have never heard anyone say that. but it does make sense, it isn't my problem, however it does sting alittle.

    Thanks a Bunch,


  • This post is deleted!

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    I am trying to file divorce papers here, I also need to get an attorney in florida as well, whats the chance of getting what is half mine?

    I dont have instant messager but i do get on facebook , if you want to chat.

  • Good Morning Charmed Witch Bente,

    I have to say you gave 228 some GOOD and SOUND advice. I was hoping that you would do the same for me??

    I was told about FIVE-SIX months ago ,that there will be a situation coming up really fast where my EXboyfriend will have to comprise with me .

    Could you PLEASE tell me what the situation will be about and HOW he will compromise with me??

    I love this man so much and I have had such a lonely summer!!

    Myself: 04-21-73

    Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    Thank You in Advance.

  • Do not be afraid to be frank and honest with me .

    Thank You.

  • 228 u will get more than ur fair share. when u speak to atturney dont hide anything lay it on the table all of it. u have nada to loose. good luck n ill add ya as i too have messenger.

  • Hi Pilot

    sure i can help n ill be blunt LOL im notorious for bluntness LOLOLOL

    anyhews to look really i need real names, cities u live in now n countries. Otherwise can my guides and ur own not be of help.

    write again

    ta ta sweetie

  • Good morning CharmedWitchBente,

    My messenger is NOT working, so I decided to send you another question.

    I feel very nervous about this divorce, i know it is for the best , However, I have knots in my stomach, and feeling very sad at the same time, will Lance give me a hard time with this divorce?

    What should I do afterwards, go back to the States or Stay in Panama?

  • Okay Thanks!!

    I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

    However, I would like to talk to you through my personal e-mail if I have to give names and cities.

    I do not want to run the risk of having someone from my former job reading my post on here.

    There is enough confusion and chaos there now!!!! LOL

    My e-mail is . Please e-mail me your e-mail address, so that we can communicate this way.

    Thanks In Advance,

  • im availeble at

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