Hanswolfgang, can you help me out? (other readers welcome as well)

  • I received advice from other forum members on my unique relationship situation, and it was very insightful. (Thanks, guys.) However, I was hoping for a more concrete look into my life. I recently made the choice to allow my best friend into my relationship. My doubts and fears seem anxiety driven to me, as opposed to actual foreboding towards the situation. It may not be too late to reverse it, what path should I take?

    His DOB is 02/18/84, hers is 12/19/87, mine is 10/07/87.

  • You should wait what existence will give to you.

    You have great intuition, good organizational ability and the desire to serve and nurture others. You have much authority and power. But your power comes more from the receptive side of your nature. You know things before they happen and you operate on a high mental vibration. You can be high strung and impatient.

    Wait until you are more receptive to your intuition and feel like serving others more.

    You have to be yourself, and the whole society is a great imitation, as false show. That´s why there is so much discontent. I see discontent, unfulfillment. Not even a small breeze comes to you which gives you happiness, ecstasy -- is is not possible. And ecstasy is possible. It is a simple phenomenon: be natural and loose and follow your own inclination.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang, I'm very confused... I've tried to understand my feelings and fears I've listened to the book "emotional freedom" and for a year I've started resourcing to physic readings... in my situation is a 50:50 some people say he's the one for me and other's say he's not... obviously I dont know what to believe...

    we were together for a short time only but after we broke up it was like a part of me was awaken (stuff and feelings) seemed I had forgotten and when he was no longer available I felt lost at the same time... something told me I had to let him go and that he cared for me he would be back... but it hasn't been good since then... and I'm so lost can't concentrate at work, I'm functioning but not at my best... he's been on and off and it's almost two years... I'm at the end of everything my patience, my love, I dont know what I feel anymore, I feel very hurt

    and I dont know if he'll be back and if I can trust him... and what if he leaves again...

    I'd love some help, I need it so much, please, what info do you need (names?, DOB?). Sorry to bug you, I'll wait for your reply 🙂

  • I am siding with that something, that told you that he cared for you he would be back.

    If he leaves again then you will again be alone waiting for him or for a new contact.

    You will alter the mind of anyone in any way. But look at your mind, what you need now is reflection, where have you come from, where are you going?

  • Sorry I meant "IF he cared for me he would be back"...

  • ...then I am siding with that.

    You do not need consolation, conformation. What you need is revolution, rebellion.

    It gets complicated.

  • mmm it's interesting that you mention that... I do feel tied down, but I made a commitment at school and I need to finish but I feel at the end of everything. I wish I'd be the same person I was like 8 years ago full of energy and motivation...

    I've come so far, and I do like and love what I do, I cant understand what's going on... it's like I need a "cause"

    After him everything lost meaning.... it's like I was in automatic functioning but I was hiding my feelings and fears... and suddenly everything crashed down at once... I hope you can understand me because I can't explain it any better...

    Thanks for your words and time 🙂

  • You need to seperate yourself from your own situation to get more insight. Stop,Step back write down what you see. Then look back into your relationship you believe you are longing for.....write it down.... Breath...Now look back to that person you admired 8 years ago......write it down............rest. After you have recovered the emotional exaustion of this journey ...be it a day,or a week. Only then take out your notes,read them and you will recognize all the answers you are looking for will appear to you,reassure you, and allow you to continue with the calm, growth, and confidence that have elluded you. Believe it.

  • I need help, I don't know where I'm going anymore... I don't know where I WANT to go...

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