Aries man taking too much time

  • Do Aries men take alot of time to make up their mind about a deeper relationship. It has now been11 days and I haven't heard a word.

  • My ex boyfriend is Aires but i am not quite sure as he was chasing after me for quite a while until i was persuaded to give in into being in a relationship with him. We had quit light relationship until we sort of became more serious and that did freak him out and eventually we broke up. So i guess they do have a bit of problem with serious deeper relationships.

    But what i've learned about Aries men is that if they want something they go for it and they do like the chase and someone sort of to set their fire on. However they need also some confirmation that you are interested because with my ex we went to a period when he stopped talking to me for about a month because i wasn't giving the impression that i want anything more with him. So i don't know what is your situation but may be just give him the "hey how are you?" text and see what happens.

  • Hi, I just read your blog, and I wanted to share my experience. I am married to an Aries. When they want something, nothing stops them. My Husband was engaged to his ex for 6 years, and never Married her, and we were married within a few months after meeting. Everyday I see my Husband go for something he wants, and does not ponder it for long, or at times, not at all.

    I would say that your friend is just not going any further with this, sorry if that is blunt, but that is my experience..good luck..

  • Thank you for all responses. He called me every night for 3 months. He gave me and my kids gifts. I thought he was real. He is 60 and I am 49. I would have thought that someone that age would have at least talked to me about this situation. I melted and told him that I didn't want to be girlfriend and boyfriend because my friend pushed him into saying we were. Long story. Well when I said I would like to go back to the way we were and having fun with no obligations that a bf and gf thing is suppose to mean that is when it stopped. I asked him to talk about it and he said he would call me when he knew what to say.

  • he probably does not know what to say to you or maybe he is a bit hurt, its been 11days, so iwould give him a call and find out where you stand with him, dont be afraid to ask, as you are the one who is left standing wondering what is happening, i am not a mind reader, but i can see how its effecting you, this way you can move on with your life or sort this out, be tactful tho,it does seem like he isnt coming back, but you never know, and i feel that he maybe upset, best of luck, just a bit of advice from me, we can never really know what another person is really thinking, we can say we think we know but we really dont,your friend should not of interfered in the first place, however, their is room to change, hope it works out one way or another

  • thanks everyone. I called him and he said he would call me the next day and he didn't. I know I must go on but man he was so right and so good for me. I don't care for the silence or mind games nor do I like noncommunication. I can't call him anymore because I am too old not to get the message. I am feeling like he misunderstood so many things because my ability to say things get twisted. If Aries men are like that then I am going to go on. I don't chase. If it is there then it would happen.

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