When to keep your partner

  • I am now 49 female pisces and I have never had that love feeling. i did at 16, my first love and he burned me bad. From that time on I have never felt my heart ache like that again. I wish I could find someone who is sincere to the heart. When I get close they back off and I let it go. I was stalked for 8 years by my ex and I know how it feels to be bothered by someone who likes me and I don't feel the same. So once they let go I do too no matter how bad it hurts. Are all pisces like me. Will this feeling of letting go at the drop of the hat ever go away.

  • cslow,

    Maybe you just haven't met the right one yet, don't be hard on yourself. When you do, you will want to fight tooth and nail to keep the relationship and make it work.

    He's coming.

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Thank you Wenchie I thought I met the man of my dreams just a few months ago. He was wonderful to me. he was 60 and I 49. I think I blew it bad. I told him I started to get feelings for him after 3 months of him calling me everyday and showering me and my kids with gifts. He slowed down to a stop. i called him and he said he will call me when he knew what to say. He didn't call for a week. I finally emailed him something that I think he took the wrong way. Now it has been 11 days.

  • Maybe it took him by surprise, let him have his time in his "man cave" and figure things out.

    Let him see that you are cool with everything and not into drama, he'll be back out soon. :-))

  • I really hope you are right. But he is an Aries and I heard that they like the chase and once the have got the prize they move on.

  • Also I called him on Sunday and asked him where I stood. He said he was sick and that he would call me the next day. I asked him if he at least liked me and he said I like you or I liked you, you are a good gal. We said goodnight and he never called the next day. I won't call him again nor will I email him. Aries and pisces are not a good combination at first until they get to understand each other. I am not into drama so I feel I should just bow out.

  • hi cslow I read your other thrad and I responded to it on a positive note because I never had bad experience with aries males all my life. maybe if we don't know each other we might clash, for they are explosive personality and their motto is Never Defeated, they can be arrogant and stubborn just like Leos can. I suppose I forget how much we are different, since you are water sign.

    But I would refrain from looking at compatibility only from astrology point of view. I sure am compatible with them, and my experience confirm it. But I wasn't compatible astrology wise with my Cap husband and yet I will never trade our blissful marriage with anything, for we have been happy for almost 9 years.

    I never had much luck with water sign males, but I have to be fair and say that it might actually happen because whatever planets I have on my birth chart shaping my personality in such a way, also I am meant to settle down with a man that is less dramatic with feelings and more about work and money anyway. I hope you find the love that you deserve and sorry if I sound too positive about this Aries.

  • Leoscorpion you have been so kind. I needed the positive note, if not for hope but the inner feeling I needed for myself. I know my negativity played a strong role in this relationship. I only learned about Aries men just this week. I wished I had known about this forum place before everything went awry. You were letting me know to be positive after the damage I feel I inflicted had already been done. Thank you for the hope of finding love. You are blessed with having a happy life. That is wonderful. Getting advice from someone who is happy is what I need. Thank you

  • yes cslow I am showered by the gifts from the universe

    but not only I, everyone will receive these gifts someday

    we are all equal in the universe' eyes, nobody is bigger/ luckier/ deserve more

    everything happens for a reason, sometimes it is hard to understand why

    but if you open your heart as you open your mind

    you will see there is abundant to be learned and to be enjoyed

    the universe had sent you this aries man to show you that you can love again and now that it sees you have, if you stay positive and refrain from negativities such as despair, sadness, worry, not beliving that you deserve love and will find love - the universe will send you

    the universe will send you positive things only, if those are the only things you send out

    do not let bad experiences put you off. they belong to the past and so have to stay there.

    live in the now and for the future. stay true to yourself, to who you are and who you want to be

    when the time comes, you will understand why all the hardship

    bye now and take care

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