Did a tarot reading and the Lovers & High Priestess drop out?

  • This moring i did a 10 card celtic cross reading on myself to get an overview of where my life is going... CARD 1 - 10 of Swords, CARD 2 10 of CUPS, CARD 3 - 8 of PENTACLES, CARD 4 - THE EMPRESS, CARD 5 - KNIGHT of SWORDS, CARD6 - 4 OF PENTACLES.


    Does any one understand what this mean because their seem to be mix messages (career or love which?), also the Lovers and High priestess fell from the pack whilest i was shuffling the cards and I know there is some significance with this reading....... Recently suffered a hartfelt breakup to which I am still trying to come to terms with and I have recently started studying to better my career horizons...

    Please share your feed back and understanding of this reading.. Many thanks

  • Don't know about the rest, but when cards drop while shuffling they should be considered additional information in your overall picture. If this is your personal deck, most come with a booklet for interpretation. The messages aren't really "mixed" as you say, just that there is more than one issue to be addressed. I have found that it is quite difficult to read for self as you cannot be as objective and never read if you are emotionally hightened.

    good luck

  • Usually the cards that drop out have especially important significance, in this case it might mean gaining insight into a new love situation.

  • Thanks for replies..................

    yes i agree, their is importanr significance when cards drop and its true, its much harder when you do a readin for yourself. I have several books on tarot cards and have a good understanding of the cards.

    But due to my my recent break- up from a man I beleive to be my soulmate, I am constantly pulling my cards out to see if there is any hope of us getting back together. So hence I put this reading forward to the Tarot community in hope that someone can give me a unbias opinion.

    At the moment, I think the Lovers indicate a choice in love matters and the High Priestess gives an indication of secret affair? Does anyone agree?

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