Lost internet connection and going through forum withdrawals!

  • Hello Everyone! The last few days have been horrific as my laptop went on the fritz and i couldn't get online at all! It sounds rather silly I know, but it was rather torturous! I missed checking in every day, so much, to see how you all were doing, and some of you that I've become closer to, I've missed our topics terribly!

    Well it seems I've got this technology thing figured out for now, so I am back and looking forward to getting caught up on all the exciting threads I've missed out on.

    Love and light to all,


  • Hey Sacogirl,

    I know what you mean, when my internet was cut off for a while, I felt like my right arm was missing!!!!!!

    Welcome back!

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Thanks Wenchie! It certainly is awful isn't it! I hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • Yes, the withdrawals of not being able to communicate with anyone online or visit the sites you normally visit!!!!!

    Yes, great weekend thanks, nice long weekend thanks to the Melbourne Cup! I hope yours was just as enjoyable!

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