The Physical Appearances of Zodiacs ?

  • @leoscorpion --- I believe soapmaker has answered your question the best !!! And my Dad studied astrology, numerology, palmistry and many others forms of occult including magic by Asian 'Lal Kitaab' (Red Book)...he was a medium too for a few years before it started deteriorating his health.

    And yes, like soapmaker already said, astrology in various forms has been accepted as 'occult' for long.

    @lovinmylife --- Very true !! I too have a very defined almost rigid jawline which makes me appear 'stubborn' and 'firm in my beliefs' to people who don't know me well, thanks to my taurus moon!!!

    @Worthy1248 --- Well, I am NOT asking you to believe in anything I say for starters...It's a forum meant for discussing occult which comprises of things we don't talk about otherwise!!! Everyone on here has something to share and they're entitled to do so...w/o getting worried about who/when MAY not believe what they say...I'd say the world is a mysterious place to live in...I myself may not believe in certain things shared by members on here BUT I wouldn't be upfront about denying them either...!!! Something I don't know about...doesn't gimme the right to refuse it exists !!! We're all adults talking here I think :):):) You take care.

  • Good morning Astro.... Indeed when galileo was studing astrology what he found he had to keep secret because of the church. Nostredamus studied astrology as well as these were all occult back in the time. Thank you for adding palmistry..There are so many areas in the occult I know I forgot a few. I forgot to add dowsing... which I do. My husband makes 99.99% pure copper dowsing rods and they are good for divination as well as communicating with ghosts and spirits.

    This sight is a peaceful and white light way of sharing all the wonderful things that make up the universe. If I have not heard of or experienced something...I research it to see what it is.

    Many people including some of my family, live inside the "box" .There is nothing wrong with that, it is just that they can not experience the fullness those outside the box feel. I chose to live outside of it and experience all that there is in the universe. It truly is a wonderful universe, magical, and mystical. For me that is. My beliefs.

  • interesting

    I've learned a bit about astology, numerology and palmistry when I was young

    but I never knew they are occult, it was just fun to me

    gonna research on lal kitaab. I'm thinking of learning kabbalah in a few years

    that one is definitely occult, right?

  • Yes Astro, we are all adultsand you don't have to question that. Occult pratice in my mind and a lot others has alwyas been known as brain washing. That does not change the meaning of what Occult means. Medium pratice has a lot to do with dealing with the spirit Demons. Demons are known to be evil. Hell does any of this has anything to do with what's going on in the world today? I would say yes, because it is so wicked out here today and it is the sign of the end. Please read the book or Revelations. You don't need to study anything but the Bible itself. I am so open to learning new things, but the Occult is not one of them. You were raised up in that type of teaching so therefore this is what u know and you think it is ok to do the Occult thing. Also, just want u to know that I am not judging you at all. Take care...........

  • Leo, all of the mystical of those areas are lumped under the title of Occult. The dictionary lists the meaning of occult as:

    Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.

    Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.

    Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious.

    Hidden from view; concealed.

    Beyond the realm of human comprehension fits the most!

    I can say, without doubt that the god given gives I have have helped so many souls and people.

    Being a medium, I bring as much comfort as I can to people, to souls who have list the way. Studying the occult and the many ways that are so wonderful of leaning tools brings light to our lives.

    Brightest blessings

  • Hi,

    I'm a sag, and I'm short, only 5' 2" !!! So I'm not a typical sag!!

  • gotcha soapmaker!

  • @worthy1248 --- Yes indeed I believe in occult as I've practically grown up seeing Dad help out others all his life FOR NOTHING in return!!! At the same time I know a bunch of people called 'scientists' DO NOT believe in miracles occult can produce ...But that still doesn't make me think bad of them. They are free to follow what they want to!!! They may tell me there are veggies on the moon and I'd burst my lungs out laughing for I don't know/haven't heard/haven't researched if anything like that's to say! And FYI 'Medium' practice isn't only about dealing with Demons (no one'd do it then, LoL). There are people bereaved with unanswered questions/mysteries that affect them and their loved ones' life. I'd again say, Its OKAY to disagree with things people say BUT confronting them with arguements when we ourselves know so li'l about the same is mere ignorance!!! Since you've mentioned The Bible...cud you explain if all that Jesus Christ was able to do/produce was occult/miracle or plain magic....of faith!!!

    P.S.- Did I read right about you not being interested in learning 'occult' ? Watcha doing on here then? 😄 Learning/researching ??

    Peace and light to you :):):)

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