The Physical Appearances of Zodiacs ?

  • Ive herd things about how your zodiac influences how you look in the mirror and got extremely interested. For example:

    -Aries= a strong looking physique, piercing eyes, oval head, long torso ?

    -Leo= striking appearance, even if you have to look for a second more to find it, deep focused eyes and nice hair "

    -Cancer= A round face, squinted eyes. Bad vision. Short torso ?

    Do you find anyone who might share those features. My bestfriend Haily is interested in astrology and is upset with her appearance [cancer appearance] and she wants to be/look more of an aries way ? I dont see why cus im a cancer. I want to help her but im confused to were shes coming from?

  • Cancerleo,

    You could check out the following - gives descriptions of physical attributes of all signs. You also need to look at your rising sign and moon sign, as well as your sun sign.

    Hope it helps......

    Look at www dot astroroom dot com/zodiac-appearance dot html

    Sorry, have to type it out long ways or it may be deleted by admin.

    Wenchie 🙂

  • question

    does the appearance depend on the sunsign itself or the rising sign??

  • DollCake,

    You know what.........I have absolutely no idea!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I would read them all & see what seems to fit best!

  • ive heard that Sags (like myself) are mainly Big, either tall or over weight, or both, i cant remember where i heard this i think from someone on this forum, me and my brother are sags, and me being 6'5 310lbs, and him 6'4 279lbs. with size 16 and 18 feet, so yea we big lol but thats just are family genes i think cause my uncle is 6'8, but i do know a few other sags that are big also so maybe it true

  • I think sooo...know 2 sag males n they are both about 6'4 and weigh that much the other one is 6'2 but lesser weight but still in that range...daugher is sag and is getting weight issues just w/

  • it could easily be both rising and sun i guess, DollCake.

  • I am leo and yet I don't appear like anything specified as leo on any website

    I was told I had a nice hair, but it was a lot of hassle treating it so I just had it cut short

    not sure about deep focused eyes, if anything people say I sometimes stare

    anyway there is a website I found very detailed about a lot of things

    your friend might like it

    www dot novareinna dot com

    there is physical, compatibility etc I don't even read them all since it's a lot and I am not interested in astrology as much anymore

  • chevellleman71 I am a sagi but not big lol am considered taller than many but not fat my max. weight was 140lbs!

  • leoscorpion, deep focused eyes are usually known to be for aries and scorpios..

    I had seen a few pics of celebs old and new who came with every sign, on some website, and there was always sometihng common in the pictures and faces of one sign..freaky huh?

  • can you give example of a leo?

    i was thinking of madonna and jennifer lopez when reading your post

  • @Dollcake --- One's appearance is usually a blend of one's Sun, Moon and rising sign (all three play an equally vital role when judging someone astrologically). For instance, a piscean person will more often than not have a pre-occupied, lost and dreamy looking gaze. But the same person can have a very strong (almost rigid) jawline thanks to their Taurus Moon...and they won't particularly seem patient or at rest in their outlook as a result of their Gemini rising!! An individual's inner personality is usually depicted by the Sun. Emotional core and state (which comprises of how you percieve and solve equations in life) by where your moon is placed and the way you present yourself to the world by your rising sign... Well, tried telling you all I knew!! LoL

  • astrodame

    that explains it! that's why I don't resemble much of a Leo

    and no I'm not the only one that doesn't resemble sun sign

    in fact I've never met one completely resembles their sun sign alone

    of course, like you said because other planets position affect it

  • According to the Astrology books I've read your appearance is not based on your Sun Sign but your Ascendent sign which rules outward appearance. This includes facial features, body height/weight, eye shape/color, etc. Your Sun sign has some input but it's mainly the Ascendant sign that determines how you look.

  • Are you guys serious? your sign can tell you about your appearance. I have never ever heard of ths before. Are you serious. I know this is not real. Let's get serious. I will agree with personality, yes. But, appearance NO.

  • @leoscorpion --- absolutely!!! Apart from our genes playing a role in shaping up our exteriors 🙂 Our planets too play a major role in the same.

    @worthy1248 --- My Dad studied and practiced 'occult' for 30 years!!! I sat with him when the times permitted and YES, ur planets do determine the way you look. Never heard of anything like this before?...I'd say Its time to learn something new then !!! 🙂 🙂

  • Ok but I don;t believe in Occult. And if I don;t believe, this is something I really don't have to study or get deeply involved in. And Astrodame I a, always learning somrthing new but this sure in the hell not one of them. And if it is true the mess is really not a big deal with me. Aqua does not identify my appearance maube my personality but not my appearance. Sorry.... don't believe.

  • astrodame,

    so what do you mean by occult? is astrology an occult?

    I notice that most wiccans I know are learning astrology and know a bit of old folklores

    could you explain what your dad was learning, what does it have to do with astrology and maybe folklores?

    the universe really is abundance of knwoledge and wisdom 🙂

    hope to hear from you!

  • I have noticed certain phsysical traits with astrology in my friends. My cancer has a round face and almond shaped eyes. ALmost cherubic looking. My sag is tall and appears very strong. My leo has long hair its wavy and almost reddish. Im a aries and my eyebrows are shaped like rams horns and people are attracted to my body Ive been told I have a nice physiq and deep eyes. My taurus mother has a short neck and a very defined jawline. Ive also heard that taurus ages slower and she looks very young for her age. But that could also be due to the way she has taken care of herself. Plenty of sleep, excercise, doesnt smoke hardly drank alchohol. anyone ever notice to that aquarius is kinda long and lanky. The ones I know are. the scorpios that I know also have very penetrating eyes they are hypnotic to look at. I could go on and on about this topic but I will spare

  • My sun sign is Sag and Jupiter is my planet...mixed with Cancer & Gemini. I am 5' even 139 lbs. and muscular. I believe my sun sign shows thru my eyes. A person I work with on cold cases with says that when I have a foot in the other side my pupils really dialate.

    I studied the occult as well. It involves all the paranormal and mystic world..including alchemy (which is my soap making) , folklore, all types of magic and divination. Different beliefs..numerology, astrology, psycho kinesis, out of body, dream divination and so on.

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