I need to get my life in order and i have to get back to the basics. my life ise

  • i am so blonde if you got all that please help me. juls

  • what is it that is out of order?

  • Lovin',

    What are you doin' up already??!!!!! Or should I be asleep now??!!!!! :-))

  • Its almost 9 am. i took the kids to school a little while ago and came back on here I am so addicted to this place. ( : what time is it over there?

  • It's almost 1am, I should be in bed! Just catching up on a couple of emails.

    I stayed at work till late, had a phone call to make and don't have a landline at home. It's easier to hear on the land line at work rather than the mobile phone at home. Started a couple of healings while I was there, before it got too late and I was too tired. I was sooo deep into it, the energy felt amazing and I was really into the healings and then my stupid mobile phone (cell phone) beeped because the battery was starting to run out. Well, you nearly had to scrape me off the ceiling!!!!! That little beep just ripped me right back up out of where I was in such a shocking, startling way!!!!! It took a little while to get over it! Frightened the damn life out of me! Note to self.......turn off the silly phone first next time!!!!

  • LOL! Thats funny. ( :

  • Yeah, I can laugh......now!!!! :-))

  • This post is deleted!

  • Lovin I lived one year in Ohio. And then went back to Calif. I was in Marion. That was in late 68' to late 69'. I had never been any place before and I was in shock at the things that were posted at Town Hall. Blew my socks off. Where are you living? You can get my info from Wenchie if you'd like. I'm in Austin,Tx. now.

  • Blacknblonde I don't know if your doing anything right now in order to get into balance. But you can use salt if doesn't have to be sea salt in your back. Epson salt will work also in your bath. I don't know if your used to doing things for yourself or not. But you will need to start treating yourself the way you spoil others. Being nice to you is manditory. Give yourself time alone to meditate. Burn white candles to remind you to push out negative thoughts when they start to come in. Go out and be at one with nature and really spend a little time smelling the roses. You have to start on you. Give unto yourself. If your not right then you can't be that much help for anyone else. If you don't love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you. Stand in front of the mirror everyday and tell yourself that you are a good and loving person and really start to believe in you. Don't count on others to tell you because you need to believe it. Hope that has helped. Peace and harmony.

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