Libra possibility with minor substance abuse

  • I recently met a libran boy through friends. We mostly hang out to abuse substances with other mutual friends but we have good conversation and he over asks for hugs and even more conversation. We talk openly about sexual relationships we've been in and agree on a lot of things that have to do with religon and a lot of strong oppinions that we both share. im cancer sun leo rise. I think i like him and would like to know how we could maybe make it work ?

    Im just curious about this guy

  • Cancerleo,

    When you abuse the substances, you damage your aura. I can't think how you could draw in or attract good in your life when you are damaging yourself.

    Be kind to yourself and look after your physical AND your ethereal body, when you do this you send a positive message to the universe about the good you deserve.

    Best of luck

    Wenchie 🙂

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