Bringing good stuff into your home for the fall

  • Hi, I have read there are certain things you can do to bring in good stuff during different seasons. I bought some cinnamon sticks and have been simmering one on the stove today and it is giving me a feel good vibe not to mention it is making my home smell delicious. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to bring in all the good for the fall season?

  • I also wanted to share this as I found this on a website about herbs and foods. I hope you will all share your home ideas with me. ( :

    Autumn Elegance

    Used for: scenting the kitchen/any room with aromatherapy, inviting Fall, honoring Halloween, as a love potion.

    -Blend 2-4 cups of apple cider or apple juice with:

    -1 apple cut into small pieces

    -1 pinch of nutmeg

    -1 cinnamon stick

    Slowly simmer on the stove. Allow the smell to permeate the room.

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