Worried, need advice on celtic cross spread

  • Today wasnt the first day the 10 of swords followed by death came up in my reading..infact it was probably the 3rd or fourth time this week. apart from drawing the 8 cups and 7 swords, i was suprised to see the other cards werent so bad. The whole spread was as follows: 10 swords covering, death crossing, 8 cups over head, page cups behind, queen pentacles beneath, ace cups ahead, king swords self, judgement surroundings, star hopes and fears, 7 swords outcome. and 2 cups.

    My question was short and to the point 'will my life get better'...ideas anyone?

    Thanks for listening.

  • Essentially, the cards are showing you that the old situation has ended and a new beginning is upon you. Taking the high road is your best course of action, relying on feelings of enlightenment that will come to you.

    The 7 swords outcome simply means that finding a new path may require subterfuge and discretion. Do not announce your plans to everyone. There may be someone who cannot be trusted in your circle of friends. Be more secretive and rely upon your intuition.

  • Maybe you keep receiving them because you are being forced to see the positive in the cards, rather than the negative. Your life will not get better if you can not see the beauty in change and transformation (which the 10 of swords and death bring). You say these cards as if they are bad things, that only bad will happen to you. That the cards are saying your life won't get better. Quite simply if you believe that, then it won't. Personally, I don't like the celtic cross and I think that if you are asking such a dynamic, but simple question, you should use less cards for a more powerful message, but that's just me. Sorry if it's a bit harsh, but that's my two cents.

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