What to do when we,the DeViDed states of America,get invaded

  • I believe that in the near future life as we know it is going to be a thing of the past! Its about to get real rough people.Are you prepared for a forign attack? You got the persavearance to go the extra mile,or the patience its going to take too be the last man standing? Stay-Alert-Stay-Alive Dispise The Enemy Strategically,Always Be Seriously TACTICALLY! And Remember there are two types of Civillians we,as a "country",are going to need dearly at that DARK DARK moment of truth.Those civillian types are TRAINED & UNTRAINED........WAKE UP!!! AMERICA................cuz- U-R-THE-MALITIA . OVER

  • Well, I guess you will do the same as the people USA invades - DIE SCRAMING HORRIBLY

    and its spelled Militia.

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