Confused by a Scorpio Male

  • I'm a Gemini woman who at 1 time was highly attracted to a Scorpio man, I don't think the feelings mutual. I was introduced to him through a friend to stay at his apt on weekends to work since he lives across from my job. He wasn't very nice to me, a bit of a hypocrite & narcissistic. So the next month, I started staying less, staying once or twice a month. On top of that, I've met someone else He's started talking to his ex-girlfriend/girlfriend again(supposidly he's not sleeping with her), so I think all is well, but I always text ahead before I stay just to make sure I'm not interrupting anything, or will let him know I'll stay w/ someone else when his girlfriend's over. But he keeps poking fun at my relationship, won't acknowledge my boyfriend's name. That irritated me to the point I stopped staying all together. He texts me recently to let me know he's going on vacation & that I can stay there. I told him how he was treating me was not cool, and says he's an asshole, that he's lonely,

    defensive, and self-protective. It doesn't make sense, the feelings not the same, much less than before, I'm more sympathetic, but at the same time suspicious.

  • I am a female scorp and have tried things with a Gem. Each were a disaster. Gemini in my exp. is crazy and intense-similair to my traits-which might clash, but what the hell do I know Im no astrologist. Sounds like he's messin with u playin games. I'm sure you can do better, and if u want a scorp man in particular, Scorpio is the highest birthrate month right along with Leos.

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