For Hanswolfgang

  • Greetings Hans from one psychic to another. I am much like you in not charging for my gift. I believe since it was a God given gift to me that it is also a gift to others.

    I can not see clearly for myself and would like to know what the next two months will unfold for me?

    On another note, are you writing a book? If not, I see that for you.

    Cindy (a true and total Sag!)

  • hey hans,

    How are you my friend. I had a shift in thinking last night. Thank you! The beauty in what I have now and appreciation and joy. I have been living in a fog for 3 years and that is finally coming to an end. I see the lights of the train at the end of the tunnel!!

    Hugs hon and peaceful blessings.

    P.S. Book of Secrets by Osho is in. I am in the middle of the Tao te Ching. What a beautiful book.

  • When one is ready to be totally committed, then only is some transformation possible. But it brings infinite grace, it brings celebration to your life. Flowers start showering on you, the whole existence rejoices in your joy.

  • Thank you my lion friend. I believe it will all unfold as we approach the new year.

  • I am truly in awe of the love radiating here. It is truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  • "The wife of Mulla Nasrudin had received a beautiful skunk coat for her birthday a gift from her husband.

    "Why", she said with excitement, "I just can´t understand how a beautiful coat like that could possibly come from such a miserable evil-smelling little beast."

    "Well", said Nasrudin, "I did not exactly expect any gratitude from you, but I do think I deserve a little bit more respect."


    PRICELESS. Hans, now how manhy people know about Mulla Nasrudin and his adventures... 🙂

    thanks you.

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