Readind Request Please

  • I ended a 18 year relationship over a year ago. We had 2 dogs which he has refused to let me see. I have called him to say hi and asked if I could see the dogs and he never responds. I know he gets the message. The dogs were a presant for me. He has control issues and this was part of our problem. My question is will I ever see him or the dogs again? I really miss all of them. Me=1/19/1960...hin=6/26/1968

    Thanks A Million,


  • He did you a giant favor. Bless & moved up.

  • Hello,

    I am sorry you are going through this, I too have two dogs my husband has been holding hostage, Only now , because he is going out of town he is letting me get the dogs, I think it's they're way of holding on to us, who knows . Good luck getting your dogs back.

  • What is the great favor? Please explain

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