• Heres the thing. I dont know up from down. im in love with a man i've known for 7 years, hes a great friend & lover . recently he introduced me to one of his friends . his friend and i became an item for the past few months . We moved in together and seperated. at that time the guy he hooked me up with moved in with him. now im seeing the seperated one just so i can see my friend of 7 years i dont want our freindships to get disturbed. this is a tripod of friends and lovers. i dont think the plan my friend had was to go this way. i dont think either one of us knew what was going to happen though. i care for this other guy but i cant give my all to him. my heart is with my friend. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

  • That's a very tough one. It's already difficult enough when u are between 2 guys but when they are friends who live together must be complicated. But as much as it sounds cliche you should probably talk to your friend and tell him about your feelings and talk to your ex and tell him the truth as well. I know it's not an easy thing to do but at the end of the day if you want to have future with your friend you'll have to come clean eventually. And in my experience in these situations the longer you wait the more complicated it gets and you might end up alienating one of them or both of them at the end.

    I hope iy

  • Oops i meant to say that i hope this helps a bit and good luck.

  • thanks for your advise. complicated situations are not easy to aproach in the right way. somone will always get hurt . i think it hit me hard last night that im not being true to myself and in doing so lying to another person. i cant deny my heart from the truth in the long run it will be disasterous for everyone. now ive got to make the change before its too late.

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