Need a career reading

  • I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me with my present predicament.

    I entered into a partnership business last May and sadly, it's is not doing well. My partner suggested other business opportunities in case we pull-out. I'm quite hesitant if I should still continue doing business with him or risk doing business in my own instead.

    Also, I have been thinking of applying to other Companies for a while. Shall I accept the offer if I'll be given the chance to work with them or stay with my present employer?

    If this helps, I was born 9/22/1983, 9:07am. Thanks!

  • My advice pull out of your current "predicament" and find something else. You may be afraid of your own capability's to adapt and grow. Dont be, trust yourself and god and youll make the right decision. You already know what to do.

  • Hi serious 7. thanks for the response. really appreciate it. does this apply to both (business and work?)

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