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  • I have never had a reading before but I am finding myself drawn to exploring a higher spiritual avenue. My request is for myself and my best friend. My dob 5-21-64 his 7-6-68. Both of us are divorced, I was with my ex husband for 20 years & have been single now for 7 and my best friend has been married & divorced 3 times. Both of us are kind of at a crossroad, we love each other & want the other to find their soulmate & true happiness. My bff has had a very difficult time and I have been supportive and try to be a postive influence in helping him find his path & direction, to let go of his past & the disappointments & to see all the beautiful things life has for him, ahead of him. I feel I need to help him along before I can focus on me. I'd like to know, will both of us soon find our soulmate, the person we are meant to be with & the happiness we both desire?

  • i think this deserved a bump up, anyone give this lady a reading?

  • Hey danr!

    Here is your reading girl, I hope this helps. And Thank you for the kind words!

    Strength reversed, The Magician, Page of pentacles, The Sun reversed. The five of swords reversed.

    Danr you are absolutly doing the right thing in walking away from this "friendship" The Magician shows us that your new pursuits into many diffrent aspects of spirituality and such are a good thing, that you will achieve much for yourself with them, you should be confident, and do that wich you want to do!

    Your friend on the other hand is secretly in love with being miserable, he enjoys being pittyed and felt sorry for. You do this for him in abundance that is why he has let this continue for as long as it has. ' Taking the pills proves that he is suffering, this is the sort of attitude that he secretly has. In some way he does care about you and your feelings, that is why he is staying away. He senses that you are ready to let him go and realizes that you need to do this. He was wrong to use you the way he has. He does love you becuase you are a truley good person, but he knows that he dosnt want more.

    Im sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear...You seem so wonderful and nice, and you deserve that caring returned to you. But I fear you have decieved yourself in your association with this man. It's okay though becuase youve already started the process of putting it behind you! Good luck danr!

  • Namaste Danr. How nice you'd like to see your bff find support and a soulmate. Unfortunately, you are not the catalyst for his healing in this. This isn't your job this time around. You stand as a strong, loving model of possibility in life; this is the role you are to offer, and it is a silent role. If you have been advising, commenting or sharing your own thoguhts and experiences, you are being guided now to stop. He does not need your help finding his path or recovering. He is doing just fine managing the facets of his own life. It is a difficult thing to watch someone struggle, stumble, and get back up, but this truly is the highest good you can offer at this time.

    Someone else will come along for him that will impact him in exactly the right way at the right time, and which will compel him to seek out higher ways of being with people. To date, in his spiritual growth, he remains in the teenager stage. When he decides to become a mature spiritual being, his life will shift dramatically.

    Stand by; be a friend, but do not allow yourself to handicap him by holding his hand. Talk of the good in your life, but not with an eye toward informing him about what he could be enjoying if if if....

    He needs to stand on the mountaintop alone and figure out how he got there, and how he is going to descend to the next green valley.

    Not all chaos is bad; not all peace is good.

    There is not a single reason for you to focus on his duplex before taking care of your own mansion. We are not here to be self sacrificing; we are here to be the greatest expression of all that we are now, in this moment, and in increasing ways. You serve HIM by serving yourself now. It's okay. You are not selfish. Your heart is broad, open, and deeply light.

    That is all you need to be for your friend. That is all you need to be for your self.

    Seven years have passed since your marriage. What were those seven years about for you? Did you outprocess your pain and disappointment from the twenty years of marriage? Your life is about to shift, too, in wonderful ways you cannot yet imagine. Perform a life review; look back at the experiences in your life that were most impactful, and ask what those experiences offered you in the way of wisdom. Look carefully at those experiences, and see what they have been guiding you to all along.

    When you begin to see what these experiences were telling you, you'll begin to enjoy the shift toward deeper love, and the lasting relationship your heart truly desires.

    Do the life review first. You will be very glad you did.


    in love and light


  • Thank you KC and Ahliyah! I truly apppreciate both of you taking the time to reply. There are 2 quotes I've come across recently, "You always know the right thing to do but the hard part is doing it" and "Before wondering, Am I doing things right? ask yourself, Am I doing the right things?" To some they may seem like simple phrases but if you really think about them, especially the 2nd, they have powerful meanings, at least to me.

    KC~ I do think you are correct that he somehow enjoys his misery & the attention & pity it brings him. He has said quite often that he does not like selfish, manipulative people & I have thought for quite some time that the reason is because these are qualities he has in himself , though he would never admit to it. The past year I have watched & observed and see that for the most part he seeks out those that are compassionite & giving, though not always. Lol! I am the kind of person that doesn't make promises that I don't intend to keep, so when we made promises that no matter what, we would always be part of each other's lives & would always be there for each other, well I have just been struggling with the decision to walk away. I felt like I was breaking my promise, although I know in my heart that if he found himself in a bad place, I would be there for him, that's just how I am. So, I think I haven't really broken my promise, I just can't be part of his daily life, just have to care from a distance.

    Ahliyah~ Until the last year, the past 7 years have been all about being a good mom, guiding & teaching my son, helping him grow into the wonderful young man he is becoming. In ways, he is so much more mature at only 13 then my friend is at 41! Lol! I have truly been blessed with a gifted, loving child and am so proud of him! Although I do know the teenage years can be a challenge, he is grounded, emotionally stable, funny and really thinks things through. People tell me all the time that when they talk to him, they forget he is only 13 and are amazed by by his intelligence, maturity, loving & caring nature! A few months ago when I asked him if there were any girls he was interested in he replied that the smartest girl moved to another school & said there were plenty of pretty girls but that they are boring because they can't talk about anything intelligent. He said, and this was in front of my friend, looks change, people get older and that you can only spend so much time looking at someone but if you can't have an intelligent conversation them what's the use. He's a handsome young man & the girls chase him and I do know the hormones will kick in but I am enjoying watching him grow & finding his place in the world.

    Back to my friend, yes you are correct, I've held his hand long enough & it's time for him to find his own path. It's so hard for me to see someone struggle & not do whatever I can to try to help but I have helped long enough and it's taken quite a bit out of me. It's difficult staying away, I am close with his family, they consider me to be part of their family, and it feels like I am, in the process, having to let go of people I truly care about and that hurt goes deep! I feel at times, in someway, he felt by bringing me into their lives as well, was a way to ensure I would always be part of his life.

    Well, I've been on this journey of self examination & improvement and I still have some work to do. But I'll get to where I am supposed to be.

    Thanks again to both of you! You have reassured me that the decision I have made to put distance, was the right choice! It's time to put a little focus on the things I want to do in life.

    Have a beautiful day 😃

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