Is there any light ahead of me? (reading, please?)

  • I posted this on the "Anything Goes" section but just realized I might have better luck here

    Birthdate: September 15, 1990 at 1:44 am in Lawrence, Kansas

    If you know anything about Virgos, our life has been a living **** for the last 2 years. Since then, I've been through a divorce with my parents, graduated highschool, and gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I feel life is starting to let up a bit, but I'm afraid to take this breather in case everything comes crumbling down again. The father of my baby has put me through a lot. I want to trust he is changing for the better, but I don't want to be as naive as I was in the past.

    To give anyone a better outlook, I'm staying at a domestic violence shelter with my 3 month old daughter. Her father has a serious alcohol problem and is taking major steps to overcome it, but the damage is still fresh. I no longer have a vehicle. I had to quit my job. And I'm trying to enroll into school, but with no luck. I'm living off food stamps and TANF. I'm scared. And all my plans keep falling through... I don't have a future without the father of this baby, but I want to give him time to make his own mistakes as is necessary for an addict. Theres just a lot of fear and confusion in my life right now. I don't know where I'll even be living in the next couple months. I'm very afraid about my future and a little enlightenment would be fantastic.

    By the way, his birthday is July 14, 1986 at 7:00 am in Shawnee, Kansas

  • Hi Dafphodil. I know life seems difficult right now, but you must keep moving forward and protect yourself and your daughter. Giving your child's father some time to recover from his addiction is the best thing you can do. I really think that things will look up for you and I will kepp you in my prayers. My mother was in the same position - married to a cancer who also was an addict - when she gave birth to me at 20. She also had to leave the marriage after a threat was made to her life by a man my father owed money to. It's an uphill climb, but it can be made! You just have to keep believing in yourself and keep making decisions that are in the best interest for you and your child. I know you are afraid and I understand that fear, but you have a lot of people on your side - just keep the faith and keep striving for a better future.

  • Namaste Dafphodil,

    I was asked to give you the message that "all is well". I know nothing feels well at this time, but if you keep that little phrase in your mind as you continue to make decisions, you'll begin to see, more and more, how your life is intended to take new shape. Keep going, you're doing well. You have the knowledge now that you need, and thus you cannot be naive as you feel you were in the past. I do want to add that you are fating yourself when you state, I don't have a future without the father of this baby. In this way you are limiting or holding back the tremendous amount of Good that is yours for the receiving, even as we speak. Remove that thought from your consciousness, and you will see miraculous things occur.

    Your precious burden is being cared for in the highest and I have asked additional guardian angels to be assigned to you both. Going forward, you may like to intend: I intend that I AM safe, I AM protected, as are those I love, in the Highest Love and Light. Today brings me another step closer to completion of this phase of my life. I know I eliminate fear and confusion with every step I take toward my Highest Good, for the Greatest Good of all involved. My healing is now complete and I step forward into the joyful secure abundant flowering of my better and better life. I have all that I need to care for myself and my baby, and I am GRATEFUL.

    As you speak these intentions, your future IS taken care of.



  • I'm not sure it'll look "miraculous," but I'll agree with Ahliyah about getting inadvertently "locked" into thinking a certain way about your situation. I've gotten a number of things I'd believed myself to've been worthy of receiving, but it often took a good deal longer than I'd have liked.

    Ahliyah: it's nice to see a "Namaste" on here. I'm a white man who studies Sanskrit and considers himself to be a Hindu. I wonder if this could be the "Virgo way."

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