How to get the sag. a leo

  • I have had a thing for this guy for about a year now, i recently found out he is a sagittarius. I read about his sign and my sing together and laughed when i read how compatible we are the only thing about it is that i am kind of shy and do not want this guy to reject do i go about letting him know how i feel and maybe take the friendship alittle further......

  • Do not stifle your potential and do not wait for impulses from without.

  • if he is a Sag it is usually not hard to get his attention

    where do you know him? school or work?

    you can always pass by him and say hello or make an excuse to

    find out from his friends what clubs he joins or what his hobby is

    I am sure you share similar interests at least some

    so you can join the same clubs he join and if he starts teasing you, you can say 'well I'm interested in these too, not necessarily because you are in it. Although... I might..."

    be active and smart in these clubs, and throw a flirty glance at him now and then

    he'll get your point 🙂

  • Just be flirtatious...sublty hint to him. Sags like to long as you are in his presence and do that he should make some kind of move.

  • well ok im seem to be the only sag guy on here lol so lemme see..... more info would be a plus first off, ok your shy but, is He shy? known him for a year? hmmm you guys ever have any awkward moments if you were to talk to him? if you guys are friends how often are you around eachother? cause i honestly i have to say it, IF a guy has friends that are girls and are single, he usually hopes for something more one day but doesnt wanna bring it up SOMETIMES, BUT on the other hand some guys could have no interest at all. probably not because they dont think your good looking, its just that maybe you seem like a sister figure to them rather than a girlfriend and thats just awkward(trust me i know this lol) but onto what you asked.

    Well. sags are very direct in what they say, and hope other people would be the same way with them instead of beating around the bush, if hes a friend for a year now, and if hes single, and depending on how he acts around you,(always trying to make you laugh etc...), im sure hes scared of saying anything that will ruin your friendship(he doesnt wanna risk losing you). and you feel the same it seems, do you have his phone number? maybe text him saying "hey, i wanted to ask you about something, and but im scared of what you will say" if he cares for you enough he will respond wondering whats wrong, and maybe ask him then what he thinks about you and see what he says, by now he should kinda get a hint on what your wanting to say, then maybe you say this "what if i told you that i liked you more than a friend, what would you think?" and then after that i cant help anymore lol I think it will be in your favor, then if it is, tell him how you feel about him, BUT dont sound like crazy for him, only if he sounds crazy for you then its ok lol. well i kinda took the ball and ran in the dark with it here, but this might help, NEED more info !!!!

  • hey you are pretty funny and I thank you for the advice. I will talk with him the next time I see him which will be real soon since he is good friends with one of my neighbors. You say you need more info, well what else do you want to know. I think you pretty much got it with what you gave me.I am going to try it and let you know if it helps.

    Everyone else thanks for the advice......hanswolfgang I did not understand exactly what you are trying to tell me could you clear that up for me please....

  • good luck leoinme

  • leoinme,

    there should be a balance between giving and taking. If you are not willing to give, you will not be able to receive something.

  • damn im good............ lol just kidding!... well if i got it right as you said, i hope it works out for you, good luck

  • You shouldn't think about it too much. You looked up your compatability and you probably felt the attraction. Stop thinking too much and be who you are, your sag will be attracted to your irresistable charm. Deff go for it :))

  • @leoinme -- I've known Sags almost all my life so maybe I could help you a bit afterall !!

    Well, Sags are direct, in your face creatures for starters... A Sag man is a delight to be with coz he'd never mess with your head. Be prepared to flinch at times though for the same directness gives birth to sometimes very irksome Bluntness and lack of tact in them! To win a Sag, the female has to show him she's intelligent, capable and independent!! Sags dont like clingers so beware of nagging and leaning too much on his shoulders. Show him your metal from time to time and watch him come after you like a magnet!! And the most important thing, Sags being almost blindly optimistic souls LOVE people who share the same quality...So even if you're a nervous nellie chewing your nails up due to all the pessimism...NEVER EVER let him know that!! Sags make great lovers and give you all the adventure required in life. LoL

    P.S.- Being shy is a not a negative trait here... Just be yourself and have as much fun as possible when he's around...Let him know you're fun and popular :):):)

  • Will sags take advantage of you? will they use your generous spirit to their advantage? Thanks, I just can't be hurt again. I love my sag man very much, we are so compatible that its almost like we are twins....Fire and fire is a beautiful thing lol!

    Thanks shatz

  • I was taken advantage by a Sag male a few times, but he was also always there helping me when I needed so I couldn't really say he was purely taking advantage. It wasn't s ex or anything just daily things.

    He was honest and direct. Once he wanted s exual but he also told me he was married. Which is kind of funny LOL I laughed at that, so it never happened. I wouldn't mind if he was single, he was really really good friend and person in general, although due to his adventurous and creativity, he likes 'trying' new things including of course other woman. I've known at least 3 Sag males that I'm sure of the sun sign, all in relationships when I met them. 2 out of 3 wanted the same thing.

    Be creative and fun with him. If he has adventurous idea, join in and say yes, even if you are a bit scared. Don't complain much, even if you feel like it. You'll love them, I sure did. Too bad though they are in relationships, or else I would have jumped in 🙂

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  • Thanks ..LS

    and for the response, we have been together 7 months tomorrow, he is the adventurous type but so am I, he has shown me sooo much and i know i have shown him..He can also be selfish at times but as the true Leo in me i will point out certain things especially if i feel hurt. We have a great time and are both nature, spiritual people...but sometimes the Leo intuition will take me to do my soul searching. Thanks for the link. LS


  • that's good to know Shatz and hope for the best

    yep just pointing out things he does that hurt you is good, it's not a complain so you'll be ok

    sounds like a match made from heaven 🙂 take care

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