Dear Cris1962 - if you have time

  • Hi Cris, Glad to see you are back. It's not easy starting over so to speak.. i've been there years ago.

    Understand that you are scared... I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    You have done a reading for me about a month ago. Saying cancer is on his way back.

    Well, he did make contact... but nothing further.

    Read the one you have done for somebody else and curious what do you pick up on my situation now. I'm wondering if he is playing games... seeing someone else... has feelings for me. Those kind of things.

    Anything please.

    Love and light for you

  • Hi dvdm

    I get this feeling he's sort of regretting getting in touch with you when he did, as he's not quite ready to face you yet, BUT, the urge to so was stronger than his need to keep his distance for that bit longer. Does that make sense? I feel he hurt you quite a lot previously, and he's ashamed of what he did to cause that hurt. Shame is not something cancerians find easy to face and he is battling between that shame and his need to make up for what happened. Did he simply take off or something, or go cold for little/no reason then took off? I just get this sense of "shutting off" and "sudden disappearance".

    I don't feel he's playing games as such, but rather, having touched base, he got cold feet. I'm getting these words: "she won't forgive me when I tell her what I did and why". He did carry on a bit silly when he took off, and lost a part of himself in the process. There may be a baby involved somewhere too which could be that lost part of himself.

    He doesn't want to mess up your life again, or his own, so I'd just take things very slowly with him at the moment. I just get this huge sense of sorrow in him and regret; like he's hanging his head. But I feel he's seeking you out as that "ray of sunshine" he's missed.

    Have you a contact number for him? If so, then I might suggest you text or call him every week or so just to casually ask him how he's going. Be light, be cheerful with him and try not to jump the gun. He's very fragile at the moment and I get the feeling he's like a frightened deer who might leap off and run at the first sign of "threat". It's like he's hiding in his shell, while peering out wondering if it is safe "out there".

    I know this all sounds a bit weird, but this is what's popped in, so to speak. I also don't feel he's seeing someone else at the moment, but has been and this could be the mother of the baby I mentioned, again going back to losing (or leaving behind) part of himself. There were good reasons for that. Again, messages are a bit mixed here, so maybe you might be aware of the correct context this should all be in.

    Very round and round reading this has been! I can't be any clearer, so let me know if I've just had a bad day or if this actually makes sense to you. I confess to feeling a bit "dizzy" now, but maybe I'm just picking up on his confusion. Or I actually have to admit to being a dizzy, blonde cancerian after all is said 'n' done ... :))

    As said, let me know if I've missed the mark ... or scored a hit or two! GOOD LUCK xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Dearest Cris,

    Just about every word i feel you hit the nail right on the head!

    Yes, he just shut off so to speak very suddenly.... if it wasn't for the fact that i saw him come online , i would have thought he's not in live anymore.

    Strangely i have the feeling too that he is not happy at all. I kind of know for a fact he is not seeing someone... comes online every evening. If he is seeing someone, surely he would not be at home every night. lol... Also sense he is afraid.... contact in such a way as to test my reaction i feel.

    Don't know about the "baby" though, but that might be a possibility. He does have 3 children from previous marriage, but somehow i feel it has nothing to do with those kiddo's.

    For almost two months i haven't tried to contact him at all.... mostly because i do not want to chase him. Don't want to annoy him or irritate by contact which he might not welcome.

    Lol, talking about confusion. Nobody could ever confuse me this much as cancer boy!

    Cris, thank you so so much. You are such a special person. Cancer indeed, that's why we love you guys so much. Been six months since i last saw him.... yet, i couldn't bring myself to even look at any other man.

    I'll keep you posted on this.

    Love and light for you my friend. YOu be in my prayers and thoughts.

    Good luck with your things


  • Cool :)) and good luck!

  • I don't know how to feel or what to think anymore. Send him a e-card beginning of the month. He thanked me on msn messenger, but as luck has it, i was not at my computer at the time. Ever since, 20 days later he haven't logged onto msn again. Which is strange on itself, as he used to come online at least once a day. As if he is hiding from the world..?

    Still visiting my profile... on Sunday he sends a message all of a sudden again, plus a network friend invite. I wasn't too sure if i should reply, but in the end i did. Also accepted the invite. Not surprisingly, not a single word again from him up to now. But, visiting my profile page twice daily.

    I really don't understand.

    Cris, any advice?

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