Your Ideal Partner

  • Astrodame, your best bets for love are:

    • Taurus (week of May 11 - May 18)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Cancer (week of June 25 - July 2 and also week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Virgo (week of August 26 - Sept 2)

    • Scorpio (week of Oct 26 - Nov 2)

    • Pisces (week of Feb 23 - March 2 and also week of March 3 - March 10)

    Some celebrities who match: Emilio Estevez, Pierce Brosnan, Chow Yun-Fat, King Henry Eighth, Leo Tolstoy, Bill Gates, Daniel Boone, Jensen Ackles, Dr. Seuss

  • TendrOPs, I could calculate the year but it would take me a very long time. I would have to search through the twelve signs for each year of a person's eligible social life from about 18 to 100.

  • Hi How are you today?

    Im interested to learn who would be the best match for me in a romantic relationship.



  • Oh sorry forgot my bday, Sept 11/79


  • captain: it's ok, you don't have to calculate years, i was only curious as to 'why' or how. you did it..,' that's all. i really don't need to know 'why.' 😉 yet i really would like to know compatibility of the stars.



  • CAptain, plz disregard request for both work relationship and love, will take work if U can do if not love, I am on pg 2

    tx again

  • worthy1248, your best bets for love are:

    • Aries (week of March 25 - April 2)

    • Leo (week of August 11 - August 18)

    • Libra (week of Oct 11 - Oct 18)

    • Scorpio (week of Nov 3 - Nov 11)

    • Sagittarius/Capricorn (week of Dec 19 - Dec 25)

    • Aquarius (week of Jan 23 - Jan 30)

    • Pisces (week of Feb 23 - March 2 and also week of March 11 - March 18)

    worthy1248, your best bets for marriage are:

    • Aries/Taurus (week of April 19 - April 24)

    • Taurus (week of May 3 - May 10)

    • Gemini/Cancer (week of June 19 - June 24)

    • Leo (week of August 3 - August 10)

    • Virgo (week of Sept 11 - Sept 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of Dec 11 - Dec 18)

    • Capricorn (week of Dec 26 - Jan 2 and also week of Jan 10 - Jan 16)

    Some celebrities who match: Quentin Tarantino, Vincent van Gogh, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert De Niro, Art Garfunkel, Carl Sagan, Neil Diamond, Jon Bon Jovi, Michelangelo

  • hey captain! is this a (not so) secret way to find your match, heeehee!

    can you do these with just top 2 matches, no need for celebrity. save your typing fingers for the analysis!


    oldest son 11 Aug

    youngest son 23 Jan

    want to see them happy!

    and me : 21 Jan

  • Hello, This is a great offer, My dob is sept 21 ,1959, Looking for love and marraige,

    Thank You

  • Hi Captain!

    My birthday is September 27, 1955

    Thank you...

  • Hi, Can you do mine as well June 12 for love and marriage....Thank you!

  • Hi, can i have one too, July, 9 ..^^thank you^^

  • Why THANKS TheCaptain!!!! You are pretty COOL!

    I would like for you to do mines for love and marriage. (For some reason??? I kept meeting men in the past who would pretend to share the same interest as I. I finally meet someone back inJuly of 2008 who was perfect for my personality; But, we had other people interfering. So I am hoping that we will eventually get back together.....{I hope that he wasn't pretending, he is a Cancer}

    21st April, 1973; 2:05 A.M. Manhattan, New York

  • Hi The Captain,

    Would love your insights for me May1, 1959. 7:00 A.M. Mobile AL. Relationship and Money please! If you get the time. Thanks!

  • Thank You Captain :):)

    You Rock !!!

  • Hi The Captain

    I would love to find out more on love and marriage and wealth that would be great.

    Mine is Feb 26, 1978.


  • OK maybe including celebrities is a bit silly - after all, you can goggle them if you're interested anyway. Like this site -

  • Rock on, Captain!

    As long as my life is tumbling into the fiery furnace of Hel*l , while I'm here roasting chestnuts with the devil, possessed of an enthusiasm of a Pollyanna on steroids, you might as well tell this crackpot Gemini what rock she should be looking under 🙂

    Please tell me my ideal man has a nice smile, a cute b u t t and a really LARGE


    (what did you think I was going to say? "wink wink"


  • Crackpot, indeed - I forgot my birthdate!

    May 28 1966


  • Captain...thanks!!! One set of dates matched. But I am more happy with Johnny Depp as a possible love match.......hahahahaha. Thanks again.

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