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  • I must be mad - I am swamped with requests for readings in the Compatibility Analysis, and here i go offering another service. 😞

    But this could be fun and it doesn't involve all the work I do for the analysis reports. If anyone is interested, I can work out the astrological sign of the partner who would suit you the best. Now there are lots of types of relationships - love affairs, marriage, friendship, working, family etc. but unless you ask for something different specifically, I will give you the dates of the ideal person for a love relationship. And no, the best love match is not necessarily the best one for marriage, or friendship for that matter. I tested this on myself and found eight good prospects for love. I can't do the birthyear, but I can give you the exact week your best prospect for love was born.

    I am thinking this would be a heckuva lot of fun if it was turned into a dating service. You could search the databanks for someone who fits the right week that you want. It might be more accurate than the normal sites where everyone lies about themselves anyway. 🙂

    So all I need is your birthday and birthmonth...

  • Woohoo! Thanks Captain. :-))

    My birthday is 4th May 1971.

  • This sounds like fun. Birthday 18th November

  • Yayyyy !!! 🙂

    Mine is : 10th March 1981

  • Love to know who would be an Ideal Partner, for an Aqua 1/23. Can you also do for me the love and marriage part? Thanks, just curious.

  • you are the best...and thanks for the compatibility report...

    here is mine 10-23-61

  • I'd like to have one done for me too: 5/29/80. thanks a lot 🙂

  • Oh wow, thank you so much!

    Mine is 3/12/1991

    Again, thank you!

  • hi captain ...

    thanks again for ur offer... haha

    here mine 20 January ...

    wanted to know =x

    will still stay faithful to my virgo 🙂

  • 04/21/1979. Thanks!

  • The dating site is an excellent idea. You could have a money maker there! : ) My b-day is 5/27/1973....thanks so much!

  • thanks sounds interesting 04/30/60. Great idea.

  • Captain, thankyou in Advance!

    DOB 10/31/59 ??? Ideal work situation( too sensitive around people!)

    if can do general including love that would be cool too!

    As I have always had difficulty in both these areas

    10,000 blessings to you

  • I would love to know who would suit me best in a relationship, cause I'm really tired of kissing all these toads. If you could help me to find my prince, drinks are on me. Thanks Captain.

  • Btw my DOB is Jun 22 1960, Thanks again.

  • Oh sounds fun! Thanks in advance! xoxoxo

    My DOB is 03/12/90

  • This post is deleted!

  • wenchie, your best bets for love are:

    • Taurus (week of May 11 - May 18)

    • Gemini (week of June 11 - June 18)

    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Leo (week of August 3 - August 10 and also week of August 11 - August 18)

    • Virgo (week of Sept 3 - Sept 10)

    • Sagittarius (week of Dec 3 - Dec 10)

    • Capricorn (week of Dec 26 - Jan 2)

    Some celebrities who match - David Boreanz, Robert Pattinson, Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, David Duchovny, Hulk Hogan, Ben Affleck, Napoleon, Robert Redford, Hugh Grant, Walt Disney, Louis Pasteur, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods

  • hi captain, just curious as to how you calculate a specific week but not the year. i'm a really just absent of knowledge and really need to be enlightened. my birthdate is 12/25/66... i think. 😉 would like to know signs of potential capatability, when/if you have time.



  • Flowsco, your best bets for love are:

    • Pisces/Aries (week of March 19 - March 24)

    • Aries (week of April 11 - April 18)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Gemini/Cancer (week of June 19 -June 24)

    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Libra (week of Oct 3 - Oct 10)

    • Scorpio (week of Nov 12 - Nov 18)

    Some celebrities who match: Bruce Willis, David Letterman, Leonardo da Vinci, Tony Curtis, Russell Brand, Prince, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, George W. Bush, Tommy Lee, Charlton Heston, Prince Charles

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