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  • The Captain, i sort of imagined it like you join and you create a username and password, give your dob, gender and your email address (here you have the privacy option visible to all non visible) and with the info from your reading it sort of creates a mini profile for the person.Then this is to be decided by the person whether his/hers profile be accessible by all which will make it show up in searches for hers/his dob as a match given to others. Also there is the option for private messaging and etc.But the initial information they register with is private unless they choose it not to be.

    I have no idea how complicated is to do that sort of website tho might too far fetched 🙂

  • Oh wow, I'm sorry about that. It's March

  • thanks so much 28th, may

  • Wow, Sparkle, we share the same birthday (though I am, in all probability, a bit older than you) 🙂


    I didn't put it together at first, but seeing your birthdate, were your previous posts by some chance directed at me?? If they were (you didn't specify the person you were addressing), I'll be glad to reply and if they weren't, my apologies for the wrong assumption on my part.

    In any case, sending frazzled insomniac hugs to all my Gemini sistas out there!

    (I am actually toasting to you with my cup of cold joe, it's 12:19 a.m. in New York, one of my four cats is snoring in my lap, with her whiskers fanned over the side of the keyboard and I'm still hours away from falling into the lulling embrace of Morpheus...ah, the joys of sleep deprivation...)

    Stars & scars

  • MYSTIQUE, sorry about misspelling your name.

  • am i too late? this is great - i would love a site, do it captain!

    my birthday is 12/20 and i want MARRIAGE please.


  • I'm sorry. I want a Marriage reading. My birthday is October 18th, 1979. Thank you. 🙂

  • This is a very cool idea! And I love the idea of the site you described. It would be very unique!

    MY DOB is August, 2, 1970 (08/02/1970) Could you check the dates for both love and marriage for me please!

    Many Thanks and MUCH appreciation!


  • HI TheCaptain

    I SO love ur nickname LOL I once went as cap CapT etc. Some of my oldest online friends still calls me cap LOL It sticks lol.

    Anyhews THIS sounds to good to pass on so i´ll bite.

    I was born March 10 1972 At 11.20 PM in Soenderborg Denmark.

    And since you do the whole enchilada of information, I ask, lay it all on me.

    Thank you

  • Would love to here ab out love since I don't look my age a all! Jan. 4, 1963,, Thanks, appreciate it! lol

  • Kordelia, your best bets for love are:

    • Pisces/Aries (week of March 19 -March 24)

    • Taurus (the week of April 25 - May 2)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Gemini/Cancer (week of June 19 - June 24)

    • Virgo/Libra (week of Sept 19 - Sept 24)

    • Libra (week of Oct 3 - Oct 10)

    • Scorpio (week of Nov 3 - Nov 11)

    • Sagittarius (week of Dec 3 - Dec 10)

    • Sagittarius/Capricorn (week of Dec 19 - Dec 25)

    • Aquarius (week of Jan 23 - Jan 30)

    • Aquarius/Pisces (week of Feb 16 - Feb 22)

  • "Thanks Flowsco - I am in Australia.

    Maybe i should not post emails at all and just have it like a big public noticeboard where everyone just posts their birthdate and a few details and they can make a request to me to contact the person you are interested in. I am not that computer savvy so I want it to be as easy as possible, with me mainly do intial analyses and leaving the rest up to members to follow up with the contact"

    Hi Captain,

    I figured about you not being that computer savvy....that’s why I suggested for you to get some assistance. 😉

    CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. Look that up and read a bit about it or look for demos. I suggested that because I understood that you just want to have it up and running and the rest shows itself. When you get a hang of it….it makes life so much easier.

    I am on another forum that has a huge membership more than 250.000 members for free. It has been running for a few years but they do have an option to PM (Private Message) a person so whatever is been discussed is out of the sight of others unless the person decides to share. The PM can be on the board/site itself and notified by email that a PM came in.

    So what I am trying to say is that the possibilities are endless it’s you have to make a shortlist of what you want and how you want it. Think of you being the one that has to use the site when you get on it and what would you like to see and use. The CSS enables you to add features in the future without too much hassle.

    Gather all info we have suggested and add your own wishes and see what you come up with. If finding a student is a headache…..there must be some young kid around you that is into designing pages of their own for school. That would be a good starting point to get your first layout. This is gonna take you some time to get it right.

    Good luck and be protective of your idea. It’s a winner.

  • Hi Captain, I would like to know about candidates for love and marriage, please. Birthday January 18. Thank you!

  • Hi Captain! I'd like to know my best love matches. My birthday is Nov 3, 1967. Thanks so much!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • My birthday is June 18th 1953

  • My Birthday is Feb 9, 1964. Thank you.

  • laitano said: "my ex husband and i were married for 4 years and together 8. his b-day was jan 8th but he was abusive so it didnt last long."

    Yes, I looked at your chart and it's true that Scorpio and Capricorn usuallly have trouble seeing eye-to-eye and often don't understand each other. This is why I recommended love and not marriage for you. Marriage brings out troubles that a love affair doesn't have.

  • Would everyone prefer if I just picked the love relationships that require the least amount of work? Some of the love relationships I have put on your lists do need some work but can be satisfying and successful with a bit of effort. I just left out the ones that don't work at all for you.

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