Leo Woman's 1st Teen Love was with Taurus Man now back after 40 years apart.

  • My "First True Love", has entered my life once again and the fire that was there over 40 years ago has not died for either of us. Neither of us are single at this moment, we both have only been content for years now in our currant relationships. Over the last 40 years our paths have crossed many times, we had many things that are the same happen to us, names chosen for our children, birth months of our children, where we have lived, and the constant love we both protected through all these years, but without either of us knowing these things until he found me online, I had searched for him and longed for his return through the past 40 years, but was unsuccessful. We both want things to work out so that we can be together once again. How likely is it that our true love for each other, will bring us full circle once again, so that we will spend the rest of our lives together, just as we had planned and been engaged back in 1968?

  • I consider it clearly unlikely that your true love for each other will bring you full circle once again, so that you will spend the rest of your lives together, just as you had planned and been engaged back in 1968.

  • I really don't know how likely it is things to happen as you wished for

    but you should live for the now and the future and now both of you are not single

    not saying you shouldn't be happy, but if you are content in your current one now then leaving it will hurt your current partner and it will backfire on you because the universe will return every action back to sender, basically if you hurt others you will be hurt in the future

    If it is meant to be, you will be together again no matter how unlikely it may seem right now

    but only the universe knows this. not you, not I

    I can't say I've been in your shoe, for I married the man of my dream and so I never longed for another. I have left things in the past, in the past. The lesson is all I carry.

    What happened to the engagement in 1968? probably you can drive a lesson from that.

  • Oddly enough, I am in the same situation. Without the baggage I am fearful & excited at the same time. I am understanding that the draw between he & I was spiritual growth. I am afraid I will grow alot.

  • i think that there is a slight chance that you can be reunited. But the fact that the both of you have been gone for so long and started new lives with new people is making it increasingly difficult. You need to consider the other people you have had in your life.

    Most flames can easily die when you put so much commitment into something from so long ago.

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