I need some advice, virgo man/pisces woman

  • I'm in a situation where I have fallen in love with a woman, I'm virgo and she's pisces. Her situation seems to be a little difficult, as she's unhappily married and feels "trapped". She told me that she was falling for me and that I made her feel good in all way., Things were moving along pretty good until this past month. She doesn't talk to me like she did before. She still acts a little resistant when it comes to how she feels. She's been hurt for so long and sometimes I feel that I catch the brunt of it. I try to show her and I tell her my feelings for her, but she still won't open up to me. I have put all all my heart out there for her, I have too much involved in regards to my feelings, I can't just turn away, What should I do? I really need some good, sound advice.

  • pices woman are very determined in many ways, they know what they want and how to get it. she could no doubt be hurt from her past but keep in mind you could be too, in many more ways then you want. Be very up front with her, tell her if she doesnt want what you have to offer her let you know then take it from therit from there, I mind you this she is not really looking for commintment if she cant be straight up with you.

  • She tells me what she wants in life, and she says that she knows that she can't get it where she is at. The problems that she is having at home are starting to affect the way she acts towards me. She says that it's not me, so I don't understand why she seems to be so silent with me lately, I'm not the bad guy. I want her to know how I'm feeling, but I don't want to say it in a way that she will take it wrong and possibly want to end what we have started.

  • Hey Virgo! I believe your woman needs psychological help. Please, don't blame yourself for her problems, you are not going to solve them. My best advice to you is: if she doesn't change, find a Capricorn woman and live happily ever after. She should be grateful for what she has!!!

  • mwtanner..Did you ever think that she might be working on her marriage?? I've found that sometimes when a third party interjects in a marriage it sometimes has a positive effect for the marriage.. You have let her know how you feel...know in my opinion you Must step back and let her decide for herself what she will do... and by all means don't take it personally if she goes back to her marriage...She may have needed you at that time to say and be who you were at the time...& she most likely does Love You for being there for her...but remember she is Married...I have read a lot of the threads on this site and Read that very same thing being told to someone else, But it was just what I needed to hear as well.... I could be wrong, but this is my opinion..

  • Thanks for your advice. I am going try the step-back approach and hope for the best!

  • Actually I think two people together, we need to constantly running-in, believe you, a woman's words, I open up to this woman like that first together with you. You should always care her, let her think you care about her love her, but the feeling is not the time to love, can be tested

  • Pisces are very sensitive creates and their motives for doing what they do is not easily communicated. At the time when the two of you connected the desire for love and affection was real and needed but one the connect was made and the union began to grow Ms Pisces had a change of heart. They are continuously seeking approval from others and it is hard for them to separate fantasy from reality and this is where you are in her life...the love and affection that you provide is what here fantasies are and the reality is she is commited to a marriage. Depending on her B-day she will endure allmost anything to keep her family and its not you she really does have true feelings for you but she just cannot commit to you lon that level.

  • Well I am a pisces woman who is on the receiving end to infidelity.... It hurts so bad , I tell my husband he can't have both of us, one or the other. sometimes we pisces women need to feel free, and don't like to be asked all the time what we are doing, especially when we aren't with our partners, we do want to be missed and love laughter, Oh sorry i was babbling....She may be feeling guilty, or maybe she is thinking that you, ....are accepting her even though she has commitment to her husband,.... . Hopefully not. Pisces women are dreamers too so we are quiet at times but our mind is roaming all the time.

    Good Luck

  • I think jaazboys had said everything I was going to say.

    not saying you should leave her, but at this moment everything is unclear

    she has to make decision sooner or later and hopefully she will choose you

    if it were me in her situation I would definitely pick you

    only because I don't see a reason why stay in a hurtful relationship

    I will refrain from wishing those that hurt me, negative things

    but I certainly will not let a new love slip away, for I deserve love too

    I can be loyal and devoted but I also love myself so I will not stay in an abusive relationship even if I don't have a new love waiting

    you have been supportive and loving

    I hope you will find the love you deserve, whether it is her or someone else

  • Not all pisces women are "ungrateful" everyone is an individual

  • I'm a pisces woman and I wished I had someone to tell me all those things. She is in a marriage right now. She needs to decide who she is hurting and leave them alone. She likes the attention she is getting but the trust factor is a major thing. Leave her alone for a while and tell her it is either you or him and mean it. Don't just say it and not mean it. If she comes around, gets a divorce and opens her heart to you then take it and run with it. If she doesn't then she is only wanting the attention. You my good person sounds like a romantic, and she sounds like a drama queen. Put your foot down and leave it down that what you want is what you want, not what she wants. If she comes back, like I say, take it and run with her.

  • pisces women are psychos. they are very confused n indecisive. they r ******* flirts. so dont think u r the only person she is telling all her worries. they cant move on after breakups. so dont waste ur time she is not going to care abt your feelings. and pisces is not a good match for u. so stop wasting ur time n break up and find anoter girl.

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